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What is the danger when fluoride is stacked in a stacker?

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What is stacking?

  Answer   pre stacking and post stacking imaging techingues, its applications

What is fluoride?

Flouride is the anion, or negatively charged ion, of flourine. Flourides are used as an agent to prevent cavities, as well as used in polymers to form flouropolymers, which ar

How do you win stacker?

Winning stacker depends on your hand-eye coordination. But the trick is to keep it three. If you have three blocks at the top, and if you get it right, it will HAVE to let you

How do you hack stackers?

you have to have perfect eye to hand skill, i am a good advisor, as speaking i won 4 times, a wii, 2 ds, and a ipod shuffle, the secret is to go at the edge, every time, and w

Where can you get fluoride?

you can get fluoride in many different Way's can buy drops that you put into your water,varnishs,high fluoride toothpastes such as duraphat and mouthwashs.hope that helps.

What is a chicken stacker?

Chicken Stacker is a game from PBS kids that is designed to help  children learn vowel sounds. In the game they have to click on the  chicken with a word that has the right

Is the fluoride in toothpaste dangerous?

Ordinary store bought toothpaste CAN be dangerous due to it's fluoride content but only if both the directions for product use AND the warning label are both ignored. While t
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Is cup stacking dangerous?

It is only dangerous in the sense that if you fumble bad enough a cup could fly into someone or yourself, or a cup can get cracked, but as a general rule, cup stacking is not

What is the danger of Fluoride?

Fluoride is more poisonous than lead and just slightly less poisonous than arsenic. It is a cumulative poison that accumulates in bone over the years. Fluoride occasionally ca