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What is data transfer on cell phone?

Data transfer on a cell phone refers to the browsing of web pages  or the transfer of photos between your phone and the Internet. This  might also refer to watching movies o

How is data retrieved from the cell phone?

There are many transmitters across the world (its those metal tall things that look like the ifle tower)    The phones sygnal is tranmitted to that and carries on throu

What is unlimitid data on your cell phone?

Data is what you use to access the internet on your phone. So any internet tapping feature on your phone such as google maps uses data. If you pay for date by kilobyte it can

What is data usage on cell phones?

Data usage pertains to internet usage. Data can be affected by multi media messages with pitcures or videos, GPS, downloading apps, uploading to Facebook, as well as surfing t

What is data in a cell--text or numbers?

It could be either; depending on what you enter. Generally, letters you type are automatically entered as text and numbers you type are entered as numbers. You can format a ce

What can cells with numeric data be formatted as?

There are a wide range of numeric formats that you can use such as percent, currency, general, fixed, comma, accounting, fraction, scientific and others.

What is a data cell?

In any kind of table, like ones you would find in a spreadsheet,you will have columns and rows of cells. Into any cell data can beentered. So they are data cells.

What is the data in a cell called in Excel?

It can be referred to as values or data. There are many different forms of data, like date, time, logical, number etc., so you might refer to the data by its actual type.