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Was Erasmus a Jew?

No. Erasmus was a Catholic Priest.

What position did Desiderius Erasmus take on church rituals?

Desiderius Erasmus's position on church rituals was to get rid of some church rituals that he considered meaningless. Instead of rituals, he emphasized devotion to God and the

What did desiderius erasmus believe in?

he belived in humanism during the middle ages. and that everybody should fare for themselves rather than a god

Did desiderius erasmus have children?

No. He never even got married.

Why was Desiderius Erasmus contributions so important?

He was one of the greatest scholars of the renaissance time. Erasmus contributed to the Renaissance by revising ancient works and translating them into Greek and Latin such as

What did erasmus do?

Answer   ERASMUS WAS A RENAISSANCE WRITER   --   A Roman Catholic humanist philosopher; he advocated reform of the Church on the basis of study of sacred texts (reg

Was desiderius erasmus a monk?

There is no evidence that he was a monk. He was considered a humanist and worked as general editor of Froben Publishing in Basel, Switzerland. Erasmus is known for publishing

Did Desiderius Erasmus add 1st John chapter 5 verses 7 and 8 to the New Testament?

A:1 John 5:7-8 is a passage now referred to as the 'Johannine Comma'. It is important because it is considered the biblical justification for the Holy Trinity of Father, Son a