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What is the definition of property insurance?

It really depends on the context. It could be referring to the property that is insured, or if you are referring to property damage insurance (coverage actually) that is coverage for the damage you cause to the property of others. If you could explain in what context I could be of more assistance possibly.

How do you remove condominium property management company?

Condominium associations are governed by: (1) State Law, (2) the documents creating the condominium, usually the Declaration of Condominium, and (3) the Bylaws of the Condominium Association. Often, a condominium association will hire a property management company to manage the day-to-day operations such as collecting assessments, paying routine bills, handling calls from unit owners, etc. The property management company will usually enter into a contract that outlines the duties and obligations of each party. That contract should contain terms including the length of the contract and methods of ending the contract early. As with any contract, there are other remedies based in contract law. For example, if the management company is not living up to their obligations in the contract, they may have "materially breached" the contract in a way that would allow the the association to terminate the contract due to that breach. Usually, a property management company will agree to terminate a contract where the arrangement is not working out. Of course, it is the association, not the property owners, who makes the decision to enter into a contract or what steps should be taken in the course of business. The Bylaws of the Association usually outline the structure of the governing body. This is usually a Board of Directors with several officers. The number of board members and how they are elected will be established by the bylaws. Often, the board will elect or appoint officers of the association such as a President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. It will usually be up to the Board to make decisions regarding the hiring and firing of a property management. However, it is not unusual for a board to delegate such powers to the President of the Association.

Are there insurance companies that offer non driver insurance?

Yes, they do offer. The part where owner's legal liability is not charged where owner is not a driver, can be replaced with paid driver cover and un-named passengers cover as a matter of abundant caution if someone else should drive.

How do you start a property management company?

You can easily start a property management company, but there arefew steps required, as stated below:- 1. Get Property Management certification from certified Association 2. Keep Good relationship with your owner and tenants 3. Being Organized (usually use Property Management Software

Definition of a property manager?

A Property Manager is the role defined by a real estate agency and involves the rental management of a property on the agencies rent roll. An owner of the rental property employs the agency to "manage the property" and the agency employs the property manager to complete the task.

How would you briefly describe personal risk and property risk in risk management?

Personal Risk Management is the process of applying risk management principles to the needs of individual consumers. It is the process of identifying, measuring, and treating personal risk, followed by implementing the treatment plan and monitoring changes over time. Property Risk Management is related to assessing and managing the threats to the property. Risk management becomes all the more important when it is contextualized with property. Property Risk Management is generally protected by patents, copyrights, trademarks or trade secrets, represents noteworthy risk management issues for organizations attempting to maintain market share and competitive advantage.

What companies offer risk management?

Intrinsic Risk Solutions Intrinsic Risk Solutions Ltd is a risk consultancy business specialising in the provision of intelligence led strategies for private and corporate clients. Offering amongst other services:-close protection, surveillance, consultancy, crisis management, project management, training and security assessments - our consultants enable our clients to manage and mitigate risks without detriment to their business or lifestyle. http://www.intrinsic-risk.com .

How do you find a reliable property management company?

Well, it's really hard to obtain a dependable property managementcompany with total dedication. And then browse online & findall the local listing of property management company and notice allthe details also. May be this will help you to find a rightalternative for purchasing any real estate property.

Can you carry homeowners insurance on company property?

Commercial property cannot be covered by homeowner's insurance. Commercial property insurance must be purchased for that category of property.

What is the definition of risk category in a Risk Management plan?

As per the PMBOK guide the term Risk Category refers to "A Group of Potential Causes of Risk". The whole purpose of Risk Categorization is to systematically identify risks in a consistent manner and organize them so that they can be better managed. It also helps to identify the root causes of these risks in a better way. A Risk Breakdown Structure or RBS is a classic example of this Risk Categorization idea. The RBS splits risks into categories and then splits them further into sub-categories thereby making our lives (The life of a Risk Manager) easier.

Are property management companies 1099 applicable?

Yes, property management firms should be applicable to form 1099,according to which the landlords must keep track of the paymentsmade to service providers, if the cost incurred in total is $600 ormore.

Non renewal homeowners insurance due to exposure and risk management?

It means that the company is declining to renew your policy when it expires. Risk Exposure - There has been a change or new risk exposure identified by the company that makes your home no longer eligible for coverage. Risk Management - This generally indicates that the increase in risk exposure is something that the homeowners could manage, but have chosen not to correct.

What is the definition of composite risk management?

Primary decision making process for identifying hazards and controlling risks across the full spectrum of Army missions, functions, operations, and activities.

What are similarities and differences between insurance and risk management?

"Risk management" might be considered to be the umbrella topic. Managing risk can be accomplished by risk avoidance, taking measures to reduce or ameliorate risk, or risk transfer. Insurance is the fundamental form of risk transfer because the financial impact of an untoward event (the risk) is transferred to a third party (the insurer) in return for the payment of a premium.

Role of risk management in insurance?

I just had same problem very recently. I so know what you mean. Good luck with working this issue out. I'm sorry i can't be more helpful:)

Does a condo association need workers comp insurance if they have no employees and use a property management company for maintenance etc?

Usually, if the maintenance staff works for the property management company, the management company is responsible for bonding, licensing and insurance for the staff, which may include workers compensation. Or, your state law may dictate how workers compensation insurance is handled by non-profits, for example. Before you begin any maintenance work for an association, and if you're concerned about coverage, find out who carries it.

Do condominiums need property management companies?

It depends. If you are a six-unit conversion of a brownstone on the upper east side of Manhattan and you've all lived in the building for 20 years and kept the property in good repair -- maybe not. If you're a new complex with multiple buildings, a mixed-use development with residential and commercial, have a clubhouse, pool or putting green -- maybe yes. Everyone in between: the association needs to make this decision. These are the advantages of hiring a property manager (who knows that they're doing): . They offer a buffer between board members and neighbors . They can help the board honour the governing documents and abide by the state law that governs condominiums and possibly non-profit corporations . They can handle your finances and produce financial reports in the standard modified accrual method . They can offer a wider selection of vendors . They have experience working with recalcitrant owners who don't like to pay assessments, so they don't pay them . They can collect the names of tenants . They can send violation notices and enforce the governing documents Unless someone on the board is more or less willing to devote full time to operating the business -- usually a multi-million dollar corporation, a condominium-centric property manager is a vendor that most associations prefer to hire. Key is finding a property manager knowledgeable in managing condominium properties. A rental-centric property manager can generally be a waste of money, since without an understanding of governing documents and local state condominium law, this vendor can only offer a false sense of security to the association.

What is a difference between a security company and a property management company?

A security company holds financial securities AKA intangible assets. A property management company manages property AKA real assets. Another Answer Insofar as real estate property is concerned, you could also say that a security company is chartered with protecting the physical property and its occupants, while a property management company is chartered with handling the business aspects of the property.

How much do property management company charge?

Your answer depends on what services you require. If you own a 3,000 unit apartment building, and need full service from a property manager, you'll pay more than if you are a single condominium owner seeking a tenant. Prepare your list of services that you require, and call three local property managers in your geography. Ask for their rates and contract terms. This exercise will help you determine how much you want to pay.

You are building a LAN in a company that develops insurance management software What Hardware requirements should be taken into consideration?

Well first off I would ask the question "how large is the company and what are it's LAN needs besides developing software." but some of the major LAN equitment I know you would need is a server for AD so that way they get permissions form a centralized point. But then you got to ask yourself do you want to have a SAS or a NAS. I would personal go with a NAS just because it is a network attached storage (backup). Then you have to look at networking equitment right?? well like the question I said you should ask. how large is the network and what are cost constraints? If it is only 5 users and you dont want to spend a lot of money then a hub would would, but if it is larger or you have more you can spend go with a swith (improved LAN speeds). or maybe you'll choose wireless for all your computers. but regardless of what you choose you need a router if your going to get on the internet. So a router is a definate. but if you have a small network and a COX like connection then you can live with a SOHO router which will work fine. and of course a modem. So it really all depends on the need of the network.

Definition of management in scope of property management?

Based on Wikipedia... Property management is the operation, control, and oversightof real estate as used in its most broad terms. Management indicates a need to be cared for, monitored and accountabilitygiven for its useful life and condition. This is much akin to therole of management in any business.

What is involved in starting a property management company?

Many things involved, you should have enough capital, relationswith tenants, landlords and other concerning authorities. As a newcompany your rates should be competitive, also need experience inreal estate so that you can cover all aspects.

What is the Definition of land management and property management?

Land management is the process of managing the use and development (in both urban and rural settings) of land resources. Land resources are used for a variety of purposes which may include organic agriculture, reforestation, water resource management and eco-tourism projects.

Definition of risk management in equity and commodity market?

Risk management is basically trying to get the most return with the least amount of risk. One way to risk manage is to both buy and sell a stock short at the same time. This reduces your risk, but it also reduces your return. More risk equals more return, less risk equals less return. An example of risk management: An investor wants to buy Goldman Sachs at the current price and he is somewhat bullish on the company, but to hedge against losses he also sells short a stock. If he is more bullish on the company, he will buy more shares than sell short. I hope that this is helpful to you!

Is risk insurance and risk insurance management are same?

According to my opinion or my experience risk insurance and risk insurance management are differ from each other. Risk Insurance is the risk that is insured Risk Insurance Management Consist of process How the Risk can be manage it include prevention of risk and minimization of risk and many other proces.

How much money does a risk management and insurance major make?

Five years ago the average Risk Manager earned about $115,000. Many of these positions have been eliminated due to the current financial crisis, and while Risk Managers save companies millions of Dollars a year, they also identify risks which increases the short tern profit (just my opinion on recent downturn in industry)

Will an insurance company tell you whose property they insure?

A private insurer will generally not disclose a list of people or properties insured. However, when property insurance is provided by a quasi-public/government entity such as exists in some states (like Citizens Property Insurance Company in Florida), you may have a better chance at getting information through a Freedom of Information request, if you can demonstrate a valid reason for needing it. Even with a private company, the state insurance regulator may provide a listing down to the zip-code level of where business is written by private property insurers. It is doubtful, however, that names of individual insureds will be disclosed.

What will the insurance company cover vandalism to property?

It should, beware though, each occurrence of vandalism may be subject to a separate deductible if you don't watch your adjuster.

What is risk management and insurance?

Risk management is the process of analyzing a person or entity's exposure to risk of loss. The risk of loss can be loss to property (such as by fire), or economic (such as by employee theft of loss of business). After that, it analyzes available mechanisms to deal with or compensate for that risk. Insurance is one of several risk management techniques. Briefly, it involves transferring the risk of loss to a third party (the insurer). In return, the party transferring the risk (the insured) pays a sum of money (the premium) to the insurer as compensation for accepting the risk of loss.

Should risk managers have knowledge on insurance?

Yes. Insurance is a method of handling risk. It involves the transfer of certain types of risk of financial loss to an insurer in return for the payment of a periodic premium. The alternative to transferring risk to an insurer is the retention of the financial risk of loss by the business enterprise. The transfer can be whole or partial. This paradigm is also one way to think of a consumer's collision insurance deductible. A deductible is the amount for which the insured is individually liable before the insurer's responsibility for payment is triggered. Therefore, an insurance consumer can choose a higher deductible and a corresponding retention of a larger part of the risk of loss. This will generally result in a lower premium, because overall, the insurer assumes less risk. Conversely, a lower deductible will generally increase the premium because the insurer is accepting a greater risk of loss. A risk manager is generally an officer or at least an employee of a business enterprise. His/her job is to assess the types of and potential magnitude of risk to the enterprise. In collaboration with others in the business, the risk manager makes recommendations as to how to handle risk exposures. The decisions will be based upon many factors. The factors include the financial ability of the enterprise to retain a level of risk exposure, an evaluation of the likelihood of the triggering event occurring, and the potential magnitude of the resulting financial loss to the enterprise. Against the foregoing, a risk manager needs sufficient knowledge of insurance and the losses for which insurance may be obtained, and its cost. Further, insurance markets do not exist for all types of losses or business activities, and the insurance that is available may not be comprehensive in form or amount. That is, there may be exceptions or exclusions to coverage that leave gaps in the protection. These gaps would have to be filled by the business enterprise's own funds or assets. Even if coverage is available, the cost of it may be disproportionately great relative to the protection afforded.

What is the definition of a non community property state?

A non-community property state is a separate property state. A non-community property state is a separate property state. A non-community property state is a separate property state. A non-community property state is a separate property state.

Who rates casualty property insurance companies?

There are lots of insurance rating companies out there, not justone. Some are more reliable than others but none of them are areflection of customer satisfaction. An insurance company rating is determined solely by how much moneythey have in the bank.

Is the Title Insurance Company supposed to make sure that all the buildings on the property legal?

No, the role of Title Insurance is to verify the ownership of the property and any liens that may be on it. The quality or legality of the buildings is outside the scope of their responsibility.

What companies provides property insurance in Columbus?

Some of the larger companies such as Nationwide are available in Columbus, however more local ones such as Grange and American Family are also available.

What are the risks associated with commercial insurance companies?

The risks with commercial insurance companies are that because they are so big, they aren't the best about taking care of their customers one on one. You may get overlooked.

How much does a property management company make?

What you'll pay your property manager will vary depending on whatservices you require, the type of property you own, and where yourproperty is located, but here are some standard fee structures: . Percentage of monthly rent: If you choose toemploy a property management company on a full-service basis,you'll most likely be charged a percentage of the monthly rent onyour property. This can range anywhere from 5-15%, with 8-10% beingcommon. Under this fee structure, if your unit isn't rented, youdon't pay. . Flat-fee: For larger buildings, propertymanagers often charge a flat fee per month, regardless of how manyunits are rented at any given time. Property managers typicallywork on a flat-fee basis when they expect managing your building torequire a significant percentage of their company's time andresources. . Project-based: When you employ a propertymanager for selected services only, project-based fees are common.For example, if you hire a property management company to fill avacant property, you might be charged the equivalent of one month'srent for the privilege. That said, there are other fees that property managers chargeowners as well as tenants. Given that the most important aspect ofresidential property management finding, screening and retaininggood tenants, most property managers will charge anywhere between50% and 100% of the first month's rent. Consider looking using sites like NARPM.org for information onprofessional property management licenses, requirements andstandard practices. For a comprehensive database of propertymanagement companies, sites like Allpropertymanagement.com arehelpful as well.

What is the meaning of insure against risk of direct loss to property?

This sentance refers to the type of damage the insurance will cover. Direct loss is a tree hitting a house, or a fire happing in a kitchen. an Indirect loss would be if the fire department made you leave the home becasue there is a forest fire coming and they are evacuating all the residents. Although most insurance companies have a coverage in there policy to cover that as well that is a good example of an indirect loss.

What is the definition of Time Critical Risk Management?

It is defined as the effective use of all available resources byindividuals, crews, and teams to safely and effectively accomplishthe mission or task using risk management concepts when time andresources are limited.

How can one contact a property management company?

One may contact a property management company by first finding the company they want to talk to. Once they find a company suitable to their needs, they should find either a phone number, email address, or office address.

Where can one purchase a property management company?

One can purchase a property management company online at various websites that have listings of various property management companies for sale. One can also go to a business broker or a lawyer specializing in real estate transactions.

What company gives risk management quotes for insurance companies?

There are several national and international risk management companies that can give quotes for insurance companies. ABS Consulting, Enterprise Risk Management, Wright Risk Management are just a few of the options.

What are the risks of not having personal property insurance?

A personal property insurance protects the workplace and any assests the company owns. Without it you can lose copyrights and it would leave damage to the integrity of business.

Which companies offer risk insurance in the US?

Some of the companies that offer risk insurance in the United States include the Better Business Bureau, Zurichna, Ace Group, and the website American Risk Insurance.

What are the responsibilities of a commercial property management company?

A commercial property management company deals with properties that are intended for commercial use by managing these assets and providing research and valuations for both leaseholders and lenders.

What does an insurance company do with salvaged personal property?

If an insurer pays for the total loss of personal property, including a car, it usually becomes the owner of the property as part of the resolution of the claim. The property is then sold so that the insurer may recoup some of its loss. There are some entities, such as scrap metal companies that deal in that kind of property. Under some circumstances, the insured wishes to keep the property. That can usually be negotiated, but the payment to the insured on the claim may be adjusted accordingly.

What types of insurance companies offer property insurance quotes?

Many insurance companies offer a quotation for property insurance. For example, companies such as Churchill, Aviva and Tescos offer home insurance quotations. Also, try comparison sites such as Money Supermarket.

Where can one enrol for risk management and insurance program?

Most universities and insurance companies will offer a risk management and insurance program depending on the course of study and activity to be undertaken. Information can be found on sites like Collegiate Risk and Buss VC.

What kind of risk are suffered by insurance company?

Adverse selection is the primary risk which deals with the ratio of low risk to high risk ppl in a plan. Natural disasters or "acts of God" is a difficult risk to quantify.

What is the definition of Operational Risk Management ORM?

The process of dealing with risk assoceiated within militaryoperations, which includes risk assessment, risk decision makingand implementation of effective risk controls

How do you build a health insurance company?

Insurance is presently regulated by State law (not Federal). Each State prescribes statutory requirements that must be followed in order to enter the business of insurance. State insurance regulators are particularly concerned with issues of solvency, to ensure that the insurer will have sufficient funds to pay claims as they accrue. Therefore, the specific answer to your question depends upon which State in which the insurer will be domiciled.