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What is a lounge bar?

A place which serves beverages and little sandwiches. Sometimes there is a grand piano in such places, and as such it is called a piano bar. The pianist plays tunes by request for the enjoyment of guests. It is customary to give a dollar or two to the musician if he/she plays a tune you requested. ( Full Answer )

What is the definition of restaurant covers?

A "restaurant cover" is a table setting for one person to dine,therefore four people sitting at one table would be four "covers".Cover could mean an individual diner or the entire meal served toan individual diner. Do not confuse the term "cover" with "table" or "cover charge". A restaurant cover ( Full Answer )

Definition for cover in home management?

Other than cleaning your house, the idea of managing your home is probably the furthest thing from your mind right now. Home management affects most homeowners when something goes wrong. However, home management is also an essential element of improving your home. A roof, air conditioner, water heat ( Full Answer )

What is the definition of covered medical expense?

A covered medical expense is an event/procedure that your insurance company will pay for, in full or in part (perhaps with a co-pay or deductible). Uncovered expenses are things you're expected to pay out of pocket.

Does the definition of health insurance cover dental?

Coverage truly varies by the policy. Companies typically offer separate health and dental insurance, but there can be overlap. But usually health insurance does not cover regular dental visits like cleanings and fillings.

What is aqua lounge?

it's were the aqua is in a water bed and when it leaks it let out a very Strong smell

Definition of word lounge?

To lie, sit, or stand in a relaxed or lazy way or a publicroom, as in a hotel, theater, or club, in which to sit and relax.

How do you lounge a horse?

first you have on the halter, you attach the lounge line, then you stand in the center of the arena with the whip pointed at their but and give commands like you are riding, such as walk, trot, canter, etc.

Whats the definition of under cover police officer?

A sworn law enforcement officer assigned to duties while wearing "street-type" clothing, so that they "blend-in" with the criminal element and whose identity as a police officer is not usually known.

Definition of business lounge?

a room at an airport for business class passengers , with comfortable chairs and a coffee bar and sometimesalso computers , fax machines , and secretaries .

How do you pronounce lounge?

Say "lown-ju"--- "lown" rhymes with noun and say "ju" is like the begining of the name "Justin."

What is a tea lounge?

A tea lounge is much like a coffee house... only specializing in teas rather than coffee. You may find a wide variety of teas such as fresh, organic, and fair-trade teas, herbal infusions, and artisan teas. Many carry varieties from around the world. Most tea lounges also have a selection of other b ( Full Answer )

What is an Ab Lounge?

It is an exercise machine that works your abdominal muscles by doing an exercise similar too a sit up but only better.

What is a rap lounge?

It is a place or website that includes the latest music, albums, songs, music videos and more updates.

Should your school have a student lounge?

Yes, students often get strested and lose focuse on their work or teachers. With a lounge kids can study or get away from school and work, or work there without noisy kids or sounds.

What is judges lounge?

It's not a legal term, but probably refers to a special room within the courthouse where judges may go on break, drink coffee, eat lunch, etc. and to whcih entrance is restircted only to members of the bench. Similar to a Teachers Lounge at school.

What is lounge areas?

Lounge areas usually refer to a communal area to sit and relax, eat snacks with other travelers, business personnel, or residents. It is usually public or a limited private access area.

Where can you purchase a outdoor chaise lounge?

You can purchase an outdoor chaise lounge pretty much anywhere. Outdoor stores or furniture stores. Online is a fabulous place to start. Macy's and Target have reasonable prices and their chaise lounges are very stylish.

Is there a catalog for Eames lounge chair?

In searching, I do not see a specific catalogue for the Eames lounge chair. It is, however, available at Herman Miller and they do have a catalogue that you can subscribe to.

What is the definition of a covered call?

A covered call is a finanacial transaction which is started by the owner of a stock. This is where you attempt to trade in a stock and receive a new one.

What is a gift lounge?

a place pretty decorated like example: say i have my lounge decorated gold then i place gold rapped gifts in the lounge its a golden gift lounge :D

When did lounge coats become popular?

Lounge coats became popular in the 1950s when they first came out. Now they've been made into one of the newest styles. It been brought back and now you see it on celebrity's, designers, in magazines, and almost every where else.

How do you put lounge in a sentence?

How do you put "lounge" in a sentence? I(/He/They/She/The wizard/etc.) went to the lounge. I(/He/They/She/The wizard/etc.) out the (object) in the lounge. I(/He/They/She/The wizard/etc.) set the lounge on fire. Would you(/He/They/She/The wizard/etc.) like to go to the lounge? Meet me(/He/They/S ( Full Answer )

What is the Air Force definition for covered wagon?

A Covered Wagon is an initial unclassified telephonic notification to higher headquarters notifying them that an event has been detected or occurred in connection to Priority Resources (A, B or C) as a result of probable or actual hostile action.

What is the definition of the word ash the kind that covers up things that have been burned from lava?

Ash is the solid substance which is left when something is burned. Burning combines oxygen from the air with carbon and hydrogen in whatever is being burned to form carbon dioxide and water vapor which goes into the atmosphere as smoke. The hotter the heat, the more of the substance which is consume ( Full Answer )

What is a chaise lounge?

Originating in France in the 16th century the Chaise Lounge (pronounced "shayz long") or "long chair" was an upholstered chair designed for reclining and extending the legs. Today it can be built from a wide range of materials and covered with any number of fabrics and is more commonly known as the ( Full Answer )

What is the difference between a lounge and a nightclub?

Lounges are more for socializing, so more seating and little to nodance floor and don't usually have cover charges. Nightclubs aremostly for dancing (hence a bigger dance floor) and usually havecover charges. ========== A nightclub normally has a bar, a dance floor and a DJ booth. Themusic is either ( Full Answer )

How many locations does W Lounge have?

W Lounge has many locations all over the world, it is hard to point out a concrete number. W Lounge is located in Boston, Istanbul Paris, Houston and many more cities.

What does the Samovar Tea Lounge offer?

The Samovar Tea Lounge located in sunny San Francisco, California offers a place to relax and disconnect from their busy life for a little while. They offer a variety of teas, with something to please everyone.

Where is the Sur Lounge located?

The Sur Lounge can be found in West Hollywood, California, located within the United States of America. Their address is 612 North Robertson Boulevard, located in West Hollywood.

Where is the Riva Supper Lounge located?

The Riva Supper Lounge is located in Toronto, Canada in the Little Italy/Portugal village, close to Grace-College Parkette and Manning Avenue. It has nice ratings but is a little bit expensive on price.

When was lounge music most popular?

Lounge music was a popular music genre in the 1950s and 1960s. It is often easy listening music which is still used in many golf clubs and casinos today.

Where is the Cantab Lounge located?

It is located down south with nana G. This means that you must take the wise wizards long sleeve of passageway to mordor and take their land. So yeah lulla hub.

Where is Trak Lounge Bar located?

Trak lounge bar is a popular nightclub in Toorak, Victoria Australia. It is available for private functions and events and the menu and drink packages are available upon request.

Where can you purchase lounges furniture?

You can purchase Lounge Furniture online at Sexy Furnishings and Macy's. Overstock also has Lounge Furniture. At these three sites you will have many choices in Lounge Furniture to make your room feel very relaxing.

Where can I purchase an outdoor chaise lounge?

One can purchase an outdoor chaise lounge at any place that sells outdoor furniture. Sears, Target, Walmart, Home Depot, Kmart and Lowe's all sell outdoor chaise lounges.

What is a tree lounge used for?

A tree lounge is used by hunters to remain hidden while hunting. Whether it be deer, turkey or other wild game, a tree lounge can serve to keep the hunters off the ground and hidden.

Where is the Florabama Lounge located?

FloraBama Lounge and Package is located in Florida, United States. It is a beach bar (food and drinks) that mix music, special events, even it has its own store.

Are there any benefits of a lounge sofa?

Lounge Sofas are luxurious and aesthetically pleasing. They can seat many people and give a certain look and feel to a room that you may like. They also allow one to stretch their legs and fit any position possible since they are so large.

What is the address for The New Frontier Lounge?

The New Frontier Lounge is located in Washington , 301 E. 25th street , on the corner of east 25th in downtown Tacoma on the Sound Transit Link Line and just a block away from the Freighthouse Square.

How does one get airport lounge access?

There are a few ways to get airport lounge access. Firstly you can apply for a membership with the airline you want to be apart of. Also, you can look at upgrades on your ticket like a business international upgrade. You may also want to try signing up with one of the credit cards offering V.I.P. ac ( Full Answer )

Where can someone purcahse a lounge suit?

One can purchase a lounge suit from basically any department store. Such as: The Bay, Sears, Target, Winners, Walmart. Lounge suit can fit in any social occasions.