What is the definition of lounge covers?

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What is the definition of restaurant covers?

A "restaurant cover" is a table setting for one person to dine,therefore four people sitting at one table would be four "covers".Cover could mean an individual diner or the en

Definition for cover in home management?

Other than cleaning your house, the idea of managing your home is probably the furthest thing from your mind right now. Home management affects most homeowners when something

What is the definition of covered medical expense?

A covered medical expense is an event/procedure that your insurance company will pay for, in full or in part (perhaps with a co-pay or deductible). Uncovered expenses are thin

Does the definition of health insurance cover dental?

Coverage truly varies by the policy. Companies typically offer separate health and dental insurance, but there can be overlap. But usually health insurance does not cover regu

Definition of word lounge?

To lie, sit, or stand in a relaxed or lazy way or a publicroom, as in a hotel, theater, or club, in which to sit and relax.

Definition of business lounge?

a room at an airport for business class passengers , with comfortable chairs and a coffee bar and sometimesalso computers , fax machines , and secretaries

What is the Air Force definition for covered wagon?

A Covered Wagon is an initial unclassified telephonic notification to higher headquarters notifying them that an event has been detected or occurred in connection to Priority