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What is inshore fishery?

The fishery carried out from shore stations in open boats going to sea daily. Inshore Fisheries is a third generation family owned and operated fish processing and harvesting (MORE)

What is difference between fin effectiveness and fin efficiency and their significance?

effectiveness of a fin is the rate of heat transfered by the fin to  the rate of heat transfered without the fin.By knowing the  effectiveness we can determine how a fin inc (MORE)

Should the cod fishery reopen in Newfoundland?

No it shouldn't people put money into finding other jobs when it closed! Eventually the cod number will go down again and people will have to go back to school to find other j (MORE)

What is culture fishery?

production of fish in given water bodies like ponds , lakes , reservoir etc. using scientific methods iike puding ,breeding etc so as to enhance the output. it is called cultu (MORE)
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How study of biology lead to fisheries?

the study of fisheries also lead to biology........because bio means life and logy means the study of life so it is the study of all life in which fish production is also coun (MORE)
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What is a capture fishery?

It is method of obtaining fish from natural resources. There is no seeding and raising of fish.
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