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What is the difference between a Intel core 2 duo T6600 2.20 GHz processor and a Intel celeron 900 2.20 GHz processor?

In general, Core 2 Duo are high performance processors, with two "CPUs on a chip" (that's the "core duo" meaning. While Celeron processors are, generally, single core, low to (MORE)

What is the difference between AMD and Intel processors?

Here are some very simple things that are different between them:INTEL processors: Intel was the first major brand for desktop CPUs, they survived a lot of competitors. The CP (MORE)

What is the difference between Intel Pentium and Cyrix processors?

  Answer   They are two different companies. Cyrix is a smaller company, their processors are not as performant as Intel ones, however they would exponse exactly the (MORE)

What is the difference between a T2330 processor and a Intel Celeron 540 procesor?

  Celeron M540:   * Codename: Mermom   * Number of Cores (Processors): 1   * Speed: 1.866 GHz   * L2 Cache: 1MB   * Front Side Bus: 533MHz   * Power: 30 (MORE)

What is the difference between an Intel Celeron Processor 550 and an Intel Core 2 Duo Processor T5750?

  There are few main differences between Core 2 Duo T5750 and Celeron 550 processor: - Core 2 Duo T5750 is mobile processor from the newer generation, has 2 cores (Celero (MORE)

What is the difference between an Intel Pentium 4 and a PowerPC processor?

Penitum4 Vs PowerPC 750/970The IA-32 family and the Power/PowerPC family are two processor families that started off with two different design philosophies. The IA-32 processo (MORE)

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The History of Intel

Intel's history is one of innovation. The company went from a small company, funded by venture capital, to one of the largest technology companies in existence. Intel's name i (MORE)