What is the difference between instrumental version and acoustic version of a song?

"acoustic" means no electric guitars or other elecrically amped instruments. Think of most rock-n-roll on stage using electric guitars and other instruments, such as Aeoros (MORE)
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Are there two versions of Thank You Mam?

The actual word is Ma'am. The second version should be Thank you Madam (Ma'am is the shortened version of Madam).. The actual word is Mom. The second version should be Thank (MORE)

What is the difference between crystal version silver version and gold version?

The story line in crystal is a little longer and you encounter the legendary Pokemon in a different order than gold and silver. The mascot in Crystal is Suicune, one of the th (MORE)

IPhone 4 version 4.1?

you can jailbreak it with limera1n and you can downloads limera1n at: limera1n.com click on the kind of system that your computer is and then when its downloaded and your itou (MORE)

What is the difference between minecraft full version and demo version?

The Demo mode is locked on survival unless you change it with the cheat for gamemode. Also it has a time limit of 1 hour and 30 minutes and after the time limit you can't inte (MORE)