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What is the difference between management and administration?


Difference between Administration /Management

There are many factors according to which administration can be distinguished from management. These are as follows:

Nature of work

Administration: It is concerned about the determination of objectives and major policies of an organization.

Management: It puts into action the policies and plans laid down by the administration.

Type of function

Administration:It is a determinative function.

Management: It is an executive function.


Administration:It takes major decisions of an enterprise as a whole.

Management: It takes decisions within the framework set by the administration.

Level of authority

Administration:It is a top-level activity.

Management: It is a middle level activity.

Nature of status

Administration:It consists of owners who invest capital in and receive profits from an enterprise.

Management: It is a group of managerial personnel who use their specialized knowledge to fulfill the objectives of an enterprise.

Nature of usage

Administration:It is popular with government, military, educational, and religious organizations.

Management: It is used in business enterprises.

Decision making

Administration:Its decisions are influenced by public opinion, government policies, social, and religious factors.

Management: Its decisions are influenced by the values, opinions, and beliefs of the managers.

Main functions

Administration:Planning and organizing functions are involved in it.

Management: Motivating and controlling functions are involved in it.


Administration:It needs administrative rather than technical abilities.

Management: It requires technical activities

Management handles the employers.

Administration handles the buisness aspects such as finance.


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