What is the difference between the ab lounge ultra and ab lounge ultra sport?

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Does the ab lounge really work?

even though on the ad it looks very easy but they people that "have lost the weight" on the ad are all ready fit - trim if you want to loose weight just stick to a heathly di

What is an Ab Lounge?

It is an exercise machine that works your abdominal muscles by doing an exercise similar too a sit up but only better.

When was the ab lounge invented?

The underlying patent for the Ab Lounge, US Patent #5,681,250, was filed on February 26,1996 and granted on October 28, 1997.
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Where can one purchase a Sport AB Lounge?

A Sport AB Lounge can be purchased in various locations. Retailers such as KMart or fitness stores stock them and one can always find it online on eBay or Amazon.
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How does one exercise with the ab lounge workout?

The Ab Lounge is an exercise machine you utilize by placing your hands on the grips above your head well laying down and you perform the jack knife motion for 15 minutes to ha