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Examples of the equity theory?

  Hi what are some of the similarities and differences between the Equity theory and Realistic Conflict theory in general and specifically in terms of resources, compensat (MORE)
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What is expectancy theory of motivation focuses on?

According to this theory, people are motivated only if they expect a desired outcome or reward. The key idea here is: What is in it for me? The desired outcome here has two co (MORE)

What is expectancy theory Description?

expectancy theory is about the mental processes regarding choice or explains the processes that an individual undergoes to make organizational behaviour (MORE)
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What is advantages and disadvantages of expectancy theory?

the advanatges of expectancy theory are : 1) Appreciation of individual differences 2) Clue to harmonization of individual and organizational goals 3) Contingency Approach Di (MORE)
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What does the equity theory suggest?

An equity theory is that which it is believed people obtain job satisfaction and further motivation by comparing their work related load and their salary against that of other (MORE)