What is the differences about reserve officer training corp and citizens army training?

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How long does training take in the army?

8 weeks of basic training (BCT), and 3 weeks to 2 years of advanced individual training (AIT, depending on the jod being trained for.

What is the history of citizen army training?

Citizen's Army Training is made for the students to be taught how to be more responsible and disciplined. This CAT training was implemented to be taught in highschool to make the students ready to fight for the country whenever there are invaders.

What is Turkish army training like?

The Turkish army basic training Physical education and sports Firearm use, maintenance and repair War tactics Medical and first aid sniper parachute commando receives training. . This training lasts for three months in all. Later, they serve 12 months in different regions.navy airforce In the Land ( Full Answer )

What colleges offer Junior Reserve Officers training corps programs in Georgia?

Well... I know for a fact that Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps programs are found only in HIGH SCHOOLS. Also, the term is usually shortened toJROTC. Now, ROTC units are found in colleges, and they can lead to a commission in the military as an officer. JROTC membership has no military obligat ( Full Answer )

What can the army get you training in?

1. Air traffic controller. 2. Wheeled vehicle mechanic. 3. Aircraft mechanic. 4. Food service. 5. Medical. 6. Administration. 7. Dog handling (K-9 Corps). 8. Aircraft crewmen. 9. Engineers. 10. Electricians

Is army basic training hard?

The basic training in the army is not hard but requires endurance.This is aimed at shaping all aspects of a soldier in the Army.

Can army transfer to SEAL training?

No, you have to be in the Navy to be a SEAL. The army has its own special operatives, however. Delta Force is the absolute best the army has to offer. Many consider them to be superior to the SEAL operators.

What did the roman army do in training?

the roman army had to be able to march 32km in five hours per day carrying there full kit, they had to learn to use there weapons by fighting the people that are on there side thy also had to learn to follow orders precisely and instantly.

What is RAC means in train reservation?

Reservation Against Cancellation. This is the list which is given after the reservation list. If someone has confirmed ticket but he cancel it due to any reason then if you have RAC you will be given reserved seat. The waiting list is made after RAC.

What is the US army training like?

Go to 'Go Army' and you can watch a video on what Basic Combat Training is like. Each person has their own thoughts about Basic, to some it is easy to others it will be the hardest thing they will ever do in their lives. Those who have hard times are those who were babied their entire life, never ( Full Answer )

Where does the army do basic training?

The U.S. Army does basic training in 5 bases. Fort Benning, Georgia- Infantry. Fort Jackson, South Carolina - 80% of females are sent here. Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri- Engineering, Chemical Warfare, Military Police. Fort Sill, Oklahoma- Artillery. Fort Knox, Kentucky- Armor. For more informat ( Full Answer )

What do you do during army basic training?

Recruits arrive for general orientation and are given haircuts and issued Army uniforms. . Basic Tactical training begins followed by Nuclear Biological and Chemical Defense, Landmine Defense and rappelling at the confidence tower. . Recruits learn about Army heritage and the Seven Army Core Value ( Full Answer )

What is one word for army training?

There are more definite and subjective ways to answer this question but ROTC and bootcamp are one word options.

Where was Parks Job corp training center?

\n. I went to Parks Job Corps Cenetr in 1967. It was on Parks Air Force Base just outside of Dublin, Ca. I remember from the gate, you could see Dublin. That town was too small and was off limits to students. They would transport us on weekens to San Francisco, Oakland, and San Jose.

How do you sign up for the navy junior reserve officer training corps?

Often, it is offered as an elective at large high schools near navy reserve centers. You can sign up with the rest of your high school classes. Sometimes it is during school, and other times it is after school. You may have to go to a different high school campus within your district by buss for NJR ( Full Answer )

What rank is an army training NCO?

The actual position of Training NCO is a job title. One can serve as a unit TNCO as an E-3 (I did), however the position is typically reserved for E-4 and above, generally not above the rank of E5 however. An E-6 or E-7 could serve in the job, however he would be severely under-utilized for his expe ( Full Answer )

How do you reserve train ticket?

For UK trains, eurostar, European train tickets and rail passes and Amtrak tickets and rail passes for the USA you can reserve train tavel at www.budgettraintickets.com

Who receives more training Army Rangers or Marine Corps Scout Snipers?

You're comparing apples and oranges, as the roles and functions of the two are very different. All in all, you would likely find that the amount of time spent in training wouldn't be much different, but the type of training would differ greatly between the two.

What different people are at the military and or army training camp?

There'll be a lot. You'll have medical personnel, you'll have Drill Sergeants, you'll have instructors, civilian technicians.. pretty much, anyone you'd have on any military installation, especially since these posts aren't limited just to BCT/OSUT units.

Where do you go to train for the army?

There are several facilities nationwide for specific training purposes. There's the Joint Readiness Training Centre at Fort Polk, Louisiana, there's the National Training Center at Fort Irwin, California... however, most of your training will be conduct at your own post.

What does army ranger training encompass?

Ranger School has three different sections, or phases. Students are given a clear objective, but have their choice in how to achieve this. The first phase, or Benning Phase, tests a student's mental and physical strength, leadership capabilities, and other skills required for the next phases. Firs ( Full Answer )

What Army has the toughest training?

It is the Russian Military. They have an illegal system based on systematic and routine mulilation and torture of recruits. It is called "The Rule of Grandfathers" and is administered by corporals and sergeants in charge of recruits. About a year ago there was a big scandal in Russia about one recru ( Full Answer )

What is basic training for the army like?

It varies among the different training sites. Typically it consists of Red Phase, White Phase, and Blue Phase. Each phase is about 3 weeks long and each phase has different priorities for training as well as the level of treatment from the Drill Sergeants. In the first phase you'll find yourself ( Full Answer )

How do you pass army basic training?

Do what you are told, when you are told, how you are told. . Do not deviate from orders. . Do not get creative in following orders. . Be heard, not seen. . Keep your head down, and your feet moving. . Most of all, keep your eyes and ears open and remember what you are told. It might save your l ( Full Answer )

What are citizen trained for military service?

The militia. In the United States Code, the "militia" are divided into two classes; the "organized militia", which is the National Guard and all former military members, and the "unorganized militia" who is everybody else up to age 45 who might be eligible for military service.

What would happen if I don't show up for Annual Training for Army Reserve?

That is significantly worse than missing a drill. You will be marked as Unauthorized Absent (UA) and you likely receive an article 15 or might even be administratively discharged and required to repay any tuition benefits. You need to talk to your unit administrator and square your reason and schedu ( Full Answer )

Does the army utilize trains?

The Department of Defense does, and has their own flatcars. They are pulled by civilian locomotives, though.

What is ha1 COAH on train reservation?

In train reservation, HA1 is first class coach, and A is the coupebeing reserved. The coach section is the most basic section of apassenger car of a train.

How long is army ait training?

The length of your Advanced Individual Training is dependent upon which MOS you enlisted as. Different occupations require different amounts of training, hence the length of AIT varies between occupations.

How hard is the training in the army?

it is very hard because you have to can do lots of things to see how hard it is you can come to Jamaica at Tattoo every 30 years

What is marching training in army?

Basic military drill. Basically how to look professional while walking alone or in groups. Right face - turning right (90) Left face - turning left (90) About face - turning around (180) How to salute Mark time - Marching in place It gets complicated, but it's fun

Where were roman army trained?

Yes Roman soldiers were trained. From 107 BC onward the Roman army was a professional one. Originally the military career lasted 16 years. It was then extended to 20 and to 25 years. Romans soldiers were trained even before the army became professional and was a citizen militia. Even then, the kind ( Full Answer )

Where is marine corps basic training?

It is not known as basic training, but rather "boot camp." There are two locations for U.S.M.C. boot camp, and they are Parris Island, South Carolina and San Diego, California.