What is the differences about reserve officer training corp and citizens army training?

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How do you get training to become a reserve police officer or deputy officer of Wichita falls or county of Wichita falls tx.?

Usually to become a reserve officer you fill out an application with that department and sepcify that you are applying for a reserve officer position. You will have to go through the same training and hiring process as a paid officer would go through.

What is the history of citizen army training?

Citizen's Army Training is made for the students to be taught how to be more responsible and disciplined. This CAT training was implemented to be taught in highschool to make the students ready to fight for the country whenever there are invaders.

What is Turkish army training like?

The Turkish army basic training Physical education and sports Firearm use, maintenance and repair War tactics Medical and first aid sniper parachute commando receives training. . This training lasts for three months in all. Later, they serve 12 months in different regions.navy airforce In the Land Forces. In addition to these officers during the four years of academic,cultural training by Aker and in different units (special forces, military police special operations, mechanized units, commando units, the SAS SAT neavy seals, rangers orlike) I hope that was enough. .

Why is it citizen army training is important?

it is important to have an army training in order, to be responsible, logistics , and welling to save and serve the state or country you were.

What colleges offer Junior Reserve Officers training corps programs in Georgia?

Well... I know for a fact that Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps programs are found only in HIGH SCHOOLS. Also, the term is usually shortened toJROTC. Now, ROTC units are found in colleges, and they can lead to a commission in the military as an officer. JROTC membership has no military obligation. As far as your question goes, I do not know all, but North Georgia and Columbus State have good Army programs, but those are the only two I know of. My advice would be to visit the site of your preferred service and there should be a link to find college units. Sorry I couldn't give a list, but I had to point out the high school/college distinction.. Source: 3 years in Navy JROTC, c/LT-Executive Officer. Also researching for my own college future and helping my friend apply for Army and Navy units and scholarships.

What was training like at the army?

Viet War, US Army:. 1. Physical Training-called PT. 2. Meals 3 times daily. 3. Class room study: 1st Aid, Land Navigation (Map reading skills, compass reading skills), machinegun and M-14 rifle breakdown and operations, land mine identification, trip flare and light illumination flare usage, chemical warfare orientations, nuclear war orientations (blast, heat, radiation) and treatment for radiation poisoning, canteen drinking water purification procedures.. 4. M-14 rifle range. 5. Hand grenade range. 6. Marching. 7. Crawling under barbed wire with live M-60 machinegun fire above trainees as they crawled foreward; with explosive pits exploding concussion bombs to simulate artillery.. 8 weeks later graduation. Then on to AIT (Advanced Individual Training); the MOS of the trainee (truck driver, mechanic, infantrymen, tank crewmen, artilleryman, medic, clerk, helicopter mechanic, etc.). From there, his duty station.

What can the army get you training in?

1. Air traffic controller. 2. Wheeled vehicle mechanic. 3. Aircraft mechanic. 4. Food service. 5. Medical. 6. Administration. 7. Dog handling (K-9 Corps). 8. Aircraft crewmen. 9. Engineers. 10. Electricians

Who has the best trained army in the world?

Britain has had a very long military history, many Asian countries have began and learned new effective tactics that can combat the North American and European version of warfare. The Untied States has one of the largest military's, but Canada I would say is the best because of their discipline and intense training. Canada is the largest peacekeeping country in the world and is involved in some of the most difficult operations in Afghanistan. They may not have a lot of advanced weaponry, but their tactics and training is superior to the others. Canada has been proven to have the best trained pilots in the world, and some of the most sophisticated military tactics. As well if you would like to look back in history, The battle for Vimys Ridge was a Canadian operation, and one that no other country could accomplish. It was true that during World War I Canada was still somewhat under Britain s rule but these were Canadian troops not British. World War II Bastone and D Day two operations where the world has said the Americans took the brunt of the fight when this is not true. It is the bias and misconceptions that have made some countries who are either older than other countries or have more man power to seem better

Who has better training the marines or the army?

Marine boot camp - 12 weeks. Army boot - 8 weeks. Marines are generally known to be more strict and disciplined while the army has greater numbers.......of course it depends on if you ask an army cat or marine. I was both, and the Marines train all the time and are EXTREMELY strict on physical fitness tests, so I would say the USMC does.

How much training till you can be in the marines corps?

you need absolutely no training what-so-ever to join the Marine Corps. The Marine Corps itself will provide any and all required training.

How and where were the army trained?

The napoleon army was trained in Briton and trained by push ups and running until they were fit and strong.

What is RAC means in train reservation?

Reservation Against Cancellation. This is the list which is given after the reservation list. If someone has confirmed ticket but he cancel it due to any reason then if you have RAC you will be given reserved seat. The waiting list is made after RAC.

Where are is army basic training units?

Locations for US Army BCT (Basic Combat Training) are: . Ft Leonard Wood, Missouri . Ft Jackson, South Carolina . Ft Knox, Kentucky . Ft Sill, Oklahoma . Ft Benning, Georgia

Why would you have to do army training if you were not in the army?

You wouldn't. The only people who do some of the training are civilians trying to lose weight. However they don't do the actual training they have some former Drill Sergeants and whatnot yell at them to lose weight.

Where was Parks Job corp training center?

\n. I went to Parks Job Corps Cenetr in 1967. It was on Parks Air Force Base just outside of Dublin, Ca. I remember from the gate, you could see Dublin. That town was too small and was off limits to students. They would transport us on weekens to San Francisco, Oakland, and San Jose.

How do you get into ordnance training in the US Army?

Enlist for EOD (Explosive Ordnance Disposal). See your recruiter. - Actually, I'm pretty sure you would have to reenlist under the BEAR program for Explosive Ordnance Disposal. Don't think you can enlist into EOD as a first term enlistee, unless something's changed since I inquired about it.

How do you sign up for the navy junior reserve officer training corps?

Often, it is offered as an elective at large high schools near navy reserve centers. You can sign up with the rest of your high school classes. Sometimes it is during school, and other times it is after school. You may have to go to a different high school campus within your district by buss for NJROTC. Sometimes, the class qualifies as a P.E. or occupational elective credit.

In the army after basic training where do you go?

After you complete Basic Training you will proceed on to you MOS training, listed in you enlistment contract, once you complete you MOS training you will proceed to you first duty station.

How do you reserve train ticket?

For UK trains, eurostar, European train tickets and rail passes and Amtrak tickets and rail passes for the USA you can reserve train tavel at www.budgettraintickets.com

Who receives more training Army Rangers or Marine Corps Scout Snipers?

You're comparing apples and oranges, as the roles and functions of the two are very different. All in all, you would likely find that the amount of time spent in training wouldn't be much different, but the type of training would differ greatly between the two.

What different people are at the military and or army training camp?

There'll be a lot. You'll have medical personnel, you'll have Drill Sergeants, you'll have instructors, civilian technicians.. pretty much, anyone you'd have on any military installation, especially since these posts aren't limited just to BCT/OSUT units.

What type of training is needed for marine corps?

Every Marine is trained as a Rifleman before he or she begins their training in a specialty.

Where do you go to train for the army?

There are several facilities nationwide for specific training purposes. There's the Joint Readiness Training Centre at Fort Polk, Louisiana, there's the National Training Center at Fort Irwin, California... however, most of your training will be conduct at your own post.

Can a police officer be in the army reserve?

Yes a police officer can join the territorial army as a part time soldier Added; The above answer also applies to US law enforcement officers.

What is the duration of basic training in army?

Nine weeks, not including time you'll spend in-processing and time spent on hold at the Adjutant General battalion waiting for a BCT unit to become available for you to ship to.

What does army ranger training encompass?

Ranger School has three different sections, or phases. Students are given a clear objective, but have their choice in how to achieve this. The first phase, or Benning Phase, tests a student's mental and physical strength, leadership capabilities, and other skills required for the next phases. First phase is split into two sections: Ranger Assessment Phase, or RAP, and Squad Operations. RAP is where the majority of student fall out. It contains a physical tests with push ups, sits ups, & chin ups; a 5-mile run within 40 minutes; Combat Water Survival, which tests your abilities with heights and water; night and day navigation tests; 3 mile run with a 25-meter section where you must crawl under barbed wire; demolitions; an Airborne School refresher; and a 15-mile ruck march from one part of Benning to another. The second section deals with squad tactics, patrolling, demolitions, field craft, and communications. Second phase, or Mountain Phase, deals with combat operations in mountainous environments. The main purpose is to test the student's mental strength. A student could be tired and hungry, and they could be asked to lead a patrol through difficult terrain, even if they just got back from one. The choice of mountains for this section is to induce a feeling of being in the middle of nowhere and knowing how to survive. You also learn how to climb and abseil down mountains and cliffs. You learn how to move across miles of mountainous terrain; ambush enemy patrols, vehicles, and sites; and parachute into small drops zones. The last and third phase, or Florida Phase, teaches waterborne operations, small boat training, and how to operate in swampy or water environments. You learn how to recognize venomous and non-venomous snakes and how to deal with them. You also go through a 10-day field exercise where you learn how to execute raids and assaults in urban environments. If you pass all three phases, you are awarded your Ranger tab.

What Army has the toughest training?

It is the Russian Military. They have an illegal system based on systematic and routine mulilation and torture of recruits. It is called "The Rule of Grandfathers" and is administered by corporals and sergeants in charge of recruits. About a year ago there was a big scandal in Russia about one recruit who was so badly beaten he had to have his lower body amputated, complete with his genitals. He is blind in one eye, cannot speak and is paralysed down one side. GO USA WE WOULD PWN but they have tougher training

What is basic training for the army like?

It varies among the different training sites. Typically it consists of Red Phase, White Phase, and Blue Phase. Each phase is about 3 weeks long and each phase has different priorities for training as well as the level of treatment from the Drill Sergeants. In the first phase you'll find yourself not talking very much. Socializing is almost taboo and if it is not, it will feel that way to you. You are expecting to hear someone scream at you at any moment. It puts you on edge and quickly makes you realize you need to drastically change your attitude if you are going to get through this phase. This phase is generally when the Confidence Tower is done... climbing and sometimes repelling from a 40-60 foot high wall. In White Phase this is generally when rifle marksmanship takes place. You will shoot many many rounds throughout BCT. The drill sgts may have eased up by now but do not make the mistake of thinking they are your friends. Blue Phase is the "Sr" phase. 2 out of 3 of your drill sgts are most likely very relaxed compared to the other one. It is very difficult to give an answer to this question because so many BCTs are drastically different, and they are changing rapidly as it becomes more and more soft. The bottom line is this: BCT is easy. It is pushups and listening to someone scream. The screaming is slowly going away even. I would do it every summer for fun if I could. Just go there with a positive attitude and do everything they tell you and you will be fine.

How do you pass army basic training?

Do what you are told, when you are told, how you are told. . Do not deviate from orders. . Do not get creative in following orders. . Be heard, not seen. . Keep your head down, and your feet moving. . Most of all, keep your eyes and ears open and remember what you are told. It might save your life, or more importantly the life of someone else.

How long is army airborne training?

Airborne training is administered at Fort Benning, Georgia and is a total of three weeks.

What are citizen trained for military service?

The militia. In the United States Code, the "militia" are divided into two classes; the "organized militia", which is the National Guard and all former military members, and the "unorganized militia" who is everybody else up to age 45 who might be eligible for military service.

How are trains different from steam trains?

Steam trains were first. they use both fire and water to produce steam and make the engine run.

What would happen if I don't show up for Annual Training for Army Reserve?

That is significantly worse than missing a drill. You will be marked as Unauthorized Absent (UA) and you likely receive an article 15 or might even be administratively discharged and required to repay any tuition benefits. You need to talk to your unit administrator and square your reason and schedule an alternate Annual Training (AT) if you don't want to get into some serious trouble.

Does the army utilize trains?

The Department of Defense does, and has their own flatcars. They are pulled by civilian locomotives, though.

What is ha1 COAH on train reservation?

In train reservation, HA1 is first class coach, and A is the coupebeing reserved. The coach section is the most basic section of apassenger car of a train.

How long is army ait training?

The length of your Advanced Individual Training is dependent upon which MOS you enlisted as. Different occupations require different amounts of training, hence the length of AIT varies between occupations.

How do the army National Guard train and what do they do?

They train the same as regular army and army reserve. They perform the duties that they were trained for.

What king of training do you need to be an officer in the marine corps?

This is the best thing to do. 4 years of college, dont go all the way through enlistment go to ocs (officer candidate school) go through basic training bam officer. Theres more details here and there but thats basically it.

Was Hitler's army trained?

Hell yes During the course of 1933-1938 Hitler was training and building his army up and trainining the soldiers to show no emotion when killing, this made the german army and the Waffen SS, The strongest cold harded military at that time period. Hitlers army was purely trained to the maxium skill because The Nazi Germany conquerd most of all europe apart from the neutral countries and 40% of army. The total size of the german army and the Waffen SS was other 20 million strong and even still they were out numberd by 7:1 by the allies including military equipment However, the Waffen SS were purely trained mainly as Infantry and Tankers, A Average SS Tanker killes an average of 104 tanks individually and 45 anti tank riffles. An average infantry SS and german soldier killes an average 1.536 people each. The only reason why Germany lost WW2 is because they couldnt get enough support from Germany and poland to east russia where the germans were surrounded by the Soviet Red army in stalingrad

How do you get out of army annual training?

You don't enlist in the first place. If you're not willing to do your UTAs and ATs, you have no business enlisting into the Guard or Reserve in the first place. You voluntarily signed the dotted line, and you'll be expected to meet your end of the commitment.

What happens if a soldier refuse to go to basic training in the Michigan Army Reserve?

Depends. Are they prior enlisted or is this a new soldier? If they just enlisted and refuse to go to basic then they're just going to be cut loose. If they have already been in and have to go to basic again (changed branch of service or some other unique reason) it will be entirely case dependent as to what happens to them.

How hard is the training in the army?

it is very hard because you have to can do lots of things to see how hard it is you can come to Jamaica at Tattoo every 30 years

What is mean by cc in train reservation?

Cc means a/c chair car, that means passenger will get only a sitting facility with air conditioned boogi

Can I split army reserve training over months?

You can split it into two parts, BCT and AIT, it's for reserve components only

What are the army seven principles of training?

The seven army principles of training are the commanders and otherleaders are responsible for training, noncommissioned officerstrain small crews, training as you will fight, training tostandard, training to sustain, conducting concurrent training andtraining to develop agile leaders of a given organization.

What are the seven principles of army training?

1) Commanders and other leaders are responsible for training. 2) NCOs train individuals, crews and small teams. 3) Train as you will fight. 4) Train to standard. 5) Train to sustain. 6) Conduct multiechelon and concurrent training. 7) Train to develop agile leaders and organizations. - FM 7-0 Table 2-1

Why is army training performed?

Army training is performed so that the men and women in the ArmedForces are ready for everything that the job can throw at them.They might not expect the realities of defense when they leavetheir training, and they might still be surprised, but afterleaving training, they and their superiors can be confident thatthey will be ready for whatever they have to face.

Where is marine corps basic training?

It is not known as basic training, but rather "boot camp." There are two locations for U.S.M.C. boot camp, and they are Parris Island, South Carolina and San Diego, California.

How long is an army training course?

An army training course is quite diverse and the duration it will take varies. Basic army training takes at least 16 weeks.

What is Mapua Institute of Technology Reserve Officers' Training Corps's motto?

The motto of Mapua Institute of Technology Reserve Officers' Training Corps is 'Integrity • Equality • Courage'.