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How do you care for a african dwarf frog?

I have my own.I got them yesterday.they are very plesent pets.if you need help go to info@wildcreations.coM . All you have to do is feed them 2 fish pellets twice a week and e (MORE)
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What do African dwarf frogs eat?

They are obmivores they prefer dried blood worms. but if you go to you can buy food pellets that taste like blood worms that your African dwarf f (MORE)

What do you feed African dwarf frogs?

This is probably one of the most common questions that I get asked. Your best bet is to experiment and try out how much food seems to be good for your frog. Try dumping in 3 o (MORE)

Where can you buy an African Dwarf Frog?

Probably from a pet store. Petsmart [at least, around here] sells them. They sell baby ones, or basically an adult ADF. ADF is short for African Dwarf Frog, if you weren't sur (MORE)
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Can African dwarf frogs sleep?

Of course- all animals have to sleep in order to survive, to givetheir minds and bodies time to physically renew themselves and rest& recuperate emotionally and psychologicall (MORE)