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What are the effects of hot and cold fronts?

    A cold front happens when a fast-moving mass of cold air hits a warm air mass. The warm air, which holds a lot of water vapour, gets pushed upward quickly.  

How does a cold front form and what effect does a cold front have on weather?

A cold front forms when colder air advances toward warm air. The cold air wedges under the warm air like a plow. As the war air is lifted, it cools and water vapor condenses,

What is the effect of front side bus on computer?

the front side bus (or FSB) is the highway that data takes to get anywhere inside your computer. When data travels to or from the processor or the memory or any of the cards i
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What is the effect of a front kick to the chin?

Normally front kicking to the chin is better for scoring points for sparring in the ring. If you have enough momentum and speed to execute the attack before your opponent coun