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What is the elements of chocolate?

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What atoms of periodic elements are in chocolate?

Here are some basics, There's Carbon, C because of the sugar which is made with organic materials (sugar Cane), there's Calcium, Ca From the milk (if it is milk chocolate) The

What elements are in chocolate?

It really varies, but a quick look at common ingredients reveals the most common. Cocoa butter (majority of cocoa liquor) and lecithin are mainly fats, so their most abundant

What element is chocolate?

Chocolate is not an element. However, since it is made of carbs and fats, it may be made of oxygen, hydrogen, and carbon.

Does chocolate have elements?

All things are composed of elements. Water is made of elements, air is made of elements, our whole body is made of elements, plastic is made up of elements.

What element is in chocolate?

In Real choclate its cocoa bean, so basically organic material i.e. Molecules made of Carbon/Hydrogen and Oxygen. If its a Cadbury/Hershey bar then most of it is sugar and veg

What chemical elements make chocolate?

it is extraordinarily complicated look at the back of the bar (or whatever it is) and message me a list of the ingredients. maybe then can anyone possibly give you an answer.

Is chocolate milk an element or substance?

Chocolate milk is a mixture, and therefore not an element or a substance (technically). It contains a number of proteins, which are themselves mixtures of complex compounds, a

What elements are in a chocolate chip cookie?

I believe in order to make the nest chocolate chip cookie, you need great and quality raw materials. Good flour, butter, eggs, sugar, cookie sheets, chocolate chip and the lik