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What is gender?

The term gender is ambiguous. Some use gender to be a synonym forthe word sex. Your physical gender, or sex, is what reproductiveparts you have. Gender Identity is the i

What is your Gender?

Gender means that you are either a boy or a girl. Some people consider a person's sex to be what parts they have, but consider the gender to be who you are. So some consider g

What gender is she?

The personal pronoun 'she' takes the place of a noun (or name) for  a female.

If the Barber of Seville shaves everyone but the Barber who shaves the Barber?

This is the Barber Paradox, where all men must either shave themselves or be shaved by the barber. The barber is said to "only shave men who do not shave themselves" which cre

Why do we have genders?

Because of the need to survive and reproduce the species. Nature needed a man to be a provider, protector, and a source of sperm. Nature also needed a woman to have children,

What is the opposite gender of barber?

It is same barber. Just as opposite gender of soldier is soldier. When a traditionally a male profession would not have a female equivalent similarly seamstress will not have

Who is kutwild the barber?

He is from London and works currently at Aquarius hair salon in finsbury park A professional barber of 20 years experience he has Won the Battle of the Barbers which is host