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What is the genre of Ralph s mouse?

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What are some popular movie genres of the 60's?

Adventure: "Swiss Family Robinson", "Jason and the Argonauts", "The Silencers". Animation: "101 Dalmatians", "The Sword in the Stone", "Yellow Submarine". Westerns: "The Ma

In Lord of the Flies how does Ralph develop the genre coming of age I need an answer asap?

At the start of the book Ralph is an uncomplicated boy who stands on his head when he is happy and believes that everyone else is as straighforward and honest as he is himself

What genre of music was popular in the 80's?

In the early 80s, it was disco. The rest of the 80s was dominated by hard rock, glam rock, and hairbands.   The 80s were much more than rock. The decade that most clearly d

How do you get the mouse?

To get a mouse you got to the shop and buy one but it depends what kind of mouse you mean because you can buy a mouse online too however the online one will be a computer mous

Where is the mouse?

Probably in small holes or hiding in dark places, like your basement. Frequently visits places where your furniture is screwed.

What genre is The Who?

The Who is now considered 'Classic Rock', but is classified as being a Rock/Pop Rock band.

What can mouse do?

Mice can do alot of thing they can be good pets to small children, You can teach them how to do tricks and alot of other things

What is a mouse?

Animal mouse: A mouse (plural mice) is a small animal that belongs to one of numerous species of rodents. The mouse is the most common mammal in the United States. Compute

What is genre?

A genre is a loose set of criteria for a category ofcomposition; the term is often used to categorize literature andspeech, but is also used for any other form of art or utt

What does a mouse do?

Mice are friendly, but don't disturb them when they're sleeping or they might bite. Mice are mostly active at the evining. Your mouse is sick when she or he is dragging his\\h

What 's the genre of Agatha Christie's books?

They fall into the category of the enigma stories. That is stories in which there is a puzzle to be solved. These are more commonly known as 'murder mysteries' however the te