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What is the gradual eating away of a metal called?

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What is gradualism?

Gradualism is the policy of gradual reform rather than sudden  change or revolution; in biology, the theory that evolution occurs  slowly but steadily rather than abruptly.

Do acids eat away metals?

Mostly yes apart from very unreactive metals like lead or gold. If M is the metal and HX is the Acid the equation looks like: 2M + 2HX = 2MX + H2
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Why does the elevation gradually decrease away from the ridge axis?

Hot material ascends at the ridge axis form the mantle. It partially melts. The basaltic melts ascend and form 6-7 km of oceanic crust. The seafloor and the underlying mantle

Why does a metal give away its electrons?

The "goal" of every element is to complete its octet (unless it's already complete like the Noble Gases). To do so, or to achieve a more stable electron configuration, it wil