What is the history of the Minnesota Vikings?

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What is viking history?

The Viking named Leif Ericsson came to Canada and named it Vinland.. He was the 1st person to visit Canada .. He came even before John Cabot, Jaques Cartier, and Samuel de C

What is the Minnesota Vikings history in the Super Bowl?

The Vikings have played in four Super Bowls without winning: 1) Super Bowl IV - Kansas City Chiefs 23, Vikings 7 2) Super Bowl VIII - Miami Dolphins 24, Vikings 7 3) Su

Did the Vikings make it to Minnesota?

Not in the sense you mean; the Norse explorer-conquerors known as the Vikings never made it further south (or west) than what is now Maine. However, Minnesota has a large S

When were the Minnesota Vikings created?

They were initially to join the American Football League in 1960 but backed out at the last hour (the result was that Oakland received the last AFL franchise) and instead join