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What are homonyms?

A homonym is a word that is written and pronounced the same way as another, but which has a different meaning.   Examples: Lie can mean to tell a lie, or a lie that was tol

What is the homonym for 'or'?

there is no homonym for 'or' The homonym for or is oar, as in a paddle to row a boat.

What is the homonym for no?

Technically, there is no homonym for no, but the *homophone* is the  word know.

What are the homonyms of not?

not - knot Example sentences: She likes dogs but not cats. James is not at work today. Can you get the knot out of my shoelace?

What are homonyms for to?

  To, too, and two.   The following verse is supposed to contain a phonetic representation of "to" within the slashes. The box is supposed to be the letter u with an um

What is the homonym for 'in'?

  The word is inn, a hostelry.

What is homonym for do?

"Do" has 2 homonyms:   * dew as in moisture, on a cool morning, the lawn is covered with dew.  * due as in when something must be returned, The library book is due next we