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What is the impact of geography on Japan?

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How did geography impact Egypt?

Geography has had a huge impact on the rise and development of Ancient Egypt. The most significant feature was the mighty River Nile. Egypt grew around this River, as it is th

How did geography impact the rome civilization?

Ancient Rome was powerfully affected by its geography. Being  located on seven hills enabled the Romans to defend themselves from  their earliest enemies. With these seven h

What are the five themes of the geography of Japan?

Location- Hot summers and cool winters come and go in Japan. It's kind of like where we live. That's because it is in the same area of latitude as the Midwest. It rests to t

How geography affected the development of Japan?

Japan's geography shaped Japanese life. The mountains that formed the islands were difficult to live on. Most people lived on flat plains or near the sea. The sea provided the

How did geography impact the Greek civilization?

Distance between city-states, clothing, trade, and democracy were amongst some of things that were influenced by the geography of Ancient Greece. The Greek lived in a Mediterr

How does Japan's geography affect Japan?

Japan is very mountainous, which creates quite a few effects for the country. The mountains act in a good way because they act as natural barriers against foreign invasions. O

What impact did the geography of Gettysburg have on the battle?

Geography played a key role in the battle. The Union command of the high ground afforded easily defensible positions from which the artillery could devastate the enemy, attack

How did the roman geography impact the civilization?

  geography impacted the civilization by giving defense tansportation and water    ----        Geographic location impacted Roman civilization becaus

How did geography influence Japan?

Since the geography of Japan was basically an island, Japan was isolated. This made it hard for Japan to gain access of things outside of their islands but it also helped them

How did geography impact civilizations?

Water was definitely important because it was a source of food, a mode of transportation and protection from outsiders. Also, mountains provided a barrier/protection. In ancie
In Japan

How did the geography of Japan influence its development?

Since Japan is an island nation, a volcanic island to be more  precise, it remained a long time isolated from the rest of the  world, allowing it to develop its unique cultu