What is the import duty into the US of emeralds?

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Why is jury duty an important civic duty?

Jury duty is an obligation of citizenship. Just like paying your taxes or voting it is an essential part of maintaining the civic infrastructure most of us take for granted? W

Import duties on Furniture from US to Canada?

What duty and taxes would I be required to pay if purchasing a wood and leather chair in Michigan, the chair is made in the USA and I would be bringing it back to Ontario Ca

You want to export a car to the UK from the US will you have to pay import duty?

If you have owned the vehicle in the USA for more than six months and have lived in the USA over one year (and spent over 185 days of the year in the USA). You will have no VA

Why is attending school the most important duty of a US citizen?

Actually, not everyone would agree that attending school is theMOST important duty of a U.S. citizen. In fact, a very large numberof U.S. citizens would say voting is the most
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Why is jury duty so important in the US?

its i important because the jury needs your help in selecting what one they are guilt or not guilty and you need to listen to there story and help them out about what you thin