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What is the industrial applications of separation techniques?

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Applications of quantitative technique in business?

A. Quantitative Techniques with reference to time series analysis in business expansion. B. Quantitative techniques are mathematical and reproducible. Regression analysis is

What are types of industrial separation techniques?

There is distillation, evaporation, chromatography, using of separating funnel, centrifuging, desalination, fractional distillation, crystallization, fractional crystallizati

What is facilitated application specification techniques?

Facilitated Application Specification Technique or simply 'FAST' is an important technique for Requirement Elicitation. The main objective of this technique is to cover the ga

WHAT is separation technique?

A separation technique is where you use a method to separate a substance from another substance, you can use chromotography, distillation, filtering ect.

Mechanical separation techniques in sugar industry?

Sugar can be removed from sugar cane by using a milling technique  where the cane is squeezed between mechanical rollers to remove the  juice. Another technique is diffusion

What is a separation technique?

A separation technique is something used to separate an object from it's mixture. For example, in a bowl you have chalk, chalk dust, salt, and paperclips. You'd use magnetic a