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What is the warning for a tsunami?

Warnings for a tsunami might be feeling the Earth shake, seeing the ocean water disappear from the beach, bay or river, or hearing an unusual roaring sign. A warning for this

Does a tsunami have a purpose?

  A tsunami is a reaction to an under water earthquake, land slide or a meteor that struck the earth. It's the dispersion of energy.

What are the warnings for a tsunami?

You can't really predict a tsunami, but If you hear about any underwater earthquakes or volcanic eruptions, that can sometimes mean there will be a tsunami.

How do scientists prevent and warn tsunamis?

If the tsunami is the result of an earthquake, then scientists take three locations that the earthquake hit. They find a radius by finding out how long it took for P waves and

What is the purpose of the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center and where it located?

The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center is headquartered at Ewa Beach, Hawaii, USA. It has responsibility for most of the Pacific Ocean. It has responsibilities for receiving and a

Did anyone get a warning about the tsunami?

If you are referring to the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami then yes. Warnings were issued in several countries in Africa before the tsunami hit. Unfortunately it was already to lat

Why do people do not enough warning about a tsunami?

Because scientist don't have a scale that measures tsunami very well answer 2. Many times the earthquake (or submarine subsidence) that caused the tsunami are quite close, an

Was there a warning of tsunami in Japan 2011?

Yes, however the epicenter of the quake was very close to land ( 80 miles) and the warning was soon followed by the wave.

What is an early warning system for tsunamis?

Seismographs can detect earthquakes strong enough to create tsunamis and where they are most likely to strike. Buoys in the ocean can also tell when a tsunami will strike. Tsu

Do tsunamis have a warning?

Tsunamis are caused by earthquakes, which may be in distant locations, so yes, there is a warning, although people in the affected coastal areas do not always hear about the e