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What is the largest of Antarctica's ice shelf?

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What is an ice shelf?

an ice shelf is a shelf of ice, which is floating on the water. There are several large ice shelves around Antarctica.

What is Antarctica's largest river?

The Antarctic contains two rivers: Alph River and Onyx River. The Onyx is the largest river in Antarctica, 30 kilometres long, with several tributaries. Antarctica's buried la

How big is the largest ice-shelf in Antarctica?

From its Wikipedia entry:   "The Ross Ice Shelf is the largest ice shelf of Antarctica (an area  of roughly 487,000 square kilometres ((188,000 sq mi)) and about  800 ki

What is the Largest ice shelf in Antarctica?

The world's largest  ice shelves are the Ross Ice Shelf and the  Filchner-Ronne Ice  Shelf in Antarctica.      The Ross Ice Shelf

How deep can Antarctica's ice exceed?

  The Antarctic ice sheet is the largest in the world with about 13.72 million sq km of permanent ice representing about 90% of the worlds ice and is over 4 km thick in pl

What is Antarctica's largest land predator?

There are no land predators on Antarctica: it's too cold and there  is no food chain.   However, breeding animals -- all marine life -- on Antarctica's  beaches can beco

What is under Antarctica's huge ice cape?

Antarctica is a continent, so there is land under the ice. Most of this land hasn't been exposed in thousands of years (or millions further inland), so there is essentially no