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What is the law in NC about tint on your car windows?

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If a car has tinted windows what will happen to the light?

Well, since the sunlight or any light gets on tinted windows, the less tinted(or darkness will show.) So, that will conclude that it NOT bend light or (refract.) And it will N

What is the law in the State of Georgia about the tinting of windows on automobiles?

40-8-73.1 Statutes and Session Law TITLE 40. MOTOR VEHICLES AND TRAFFIC Chapter 40-8 Equipment - Inspections 40-8-73.1 Materials which affect light transmission through window

Does car window tint work?

it depends on how thick the actual tinting material is. But in all yes but don't use the stuff you can by at wal mart after a couple of years it starts to crack and peel from

Has anyone ever heard of Viper Tint car window tinting I may be getting your car windows tinted and you were wondering if that is a decent brand?

Viper Window Film is probably the rarest film on the market. I do own a tint shop and if you want to make sure that you won't have trouble down the road, get a good, name-bran

Does tinting the window of your car bring down the value of the car?

It depends on a few variables; first and foremost,the quality of the installation.if done by yourself,or even a professional,a neat and "factory looking" tint,(no wrinkles,mis

How do you take tint off window car?

Easy OFF oven cleaner is very caustic and I have used this to remove tint from computer monitor screens. Just be careful. Wear rubber gloves and keep off the car paint.

Is car window tinting permanent?

Car window tint is a film that is applied to the windows. It is not permanent in the sense that it does not change the class but removing it would be very difficult. If window

What does it cost to tint your car windows?

It depends on the percentage of tint. It also depends on how many windows you get. Most places here in Maryland do it for $99. If any place charges more than that. Be sure the

How dark can you do your windows on your car tint?

It is best you check with your local police departement or licence / permit office to see what the municipal or state law allows. Aside from your front door windows, the windo

Does USVI have window tint law?

yes the VI has a law in their books pertaining to tinted windows. The law was placed in effect in 2005. The general standard is 35 percent but the rule of thumb is if a person

Can you get pulled over just for window tint on your car?

Yes, depending on local laws. Some window tints can severely lower your field of view on the road, making you a moving death-trap to pedestrians and other drivers. Many win

Where is it legal to tint car windows?

The front windscreen are legal to be tinted in all the states besides Western Australia, as long as the Visible Light Transmitted (VLT) is over 70%. For the front passenger, r