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What is the life cycle of a red Indian scorpion?

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What do red scorpions eat?

Red Scorpions eat insects, such as spiders and roaches. They will also eat ants and termites.
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What is the life span of a scorpion?

The scorpion species are thought to live 10-15 years.   The species type may change the amount of years.   By: Alaina Burden Duran South Jr. High
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What is the life cycle of the red necked wallaby?

A female wallaby is ready to breed from 14-19 months of age. She will give birth to embryonic young that are extremely undeveloped. The tiny newborn joey is blind, hairless, a (MORE)

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Why are red Indians called Indians?

When Christopher Columbus arrived in the Bahamas (in the New World), he encountered natives. He assumed that he was on an island off the coast of India, even though India was (MORE)

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Drawn to life how to defeat the scorpion?

  Okay when the scorpion blows off the poison cloud, sometimes clouds (you drew) appear. Jump up on the clouds and there you see wilfe (the shadow guy) and try to hit him (MORE)

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Why are they called red Indians there not red?

Among the very first native Americans encountered by explorers were the Beothuk tribe of Newfoundland and Labrador, who made extensive use of local red pigment to paint their (MORE)

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What does the frog life cycle have different from other life cycles?

Well... one thing that's different is they spend a long period of time in the water as tadpoles before actually becoming a frog. Also, most animals don't lose their tale after (MORE)

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How can you get red of scorpions?

Killing may take life risking to kill scorpions. Others keep it has pets. If you just kill them without them or will take out the rest of the insects? insects are needed for n (MORE)
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The life cycle of head lice is not always a subject a parent wants to deal with. However, due to the fact that many school aged children become infested with these parasites, (MORE)
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