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What is the main political characteristics of European feudalism?

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How was European feudalism unstable?

Feudalism was a system that was developed in a time of crisis, when there were no strong central governments. Kings needed a system to defend the towns and countryside of thei

What were the basic characteristics of European feudalism?

Well basically there is only one that I know of right now..... If you don't trust me to bad for you! I am in a honors social studies class and i am the smartest out of everyon

What was the manor system in European feudalism?

The manor had a set of rights between a lord and his serfs. The lord provided his serfs with farmland, protection, and housing. In return serfs farmed the lord's lands, and p

What was European feudalism?

European feudalism is a peasant or a serf that becomes a slave for a noble to get protection from them. Answer 2 Feudalism is a convergent social mechanism, where the owners

What are characteristics of medieval European feudalism?

The medieval period is Europe was characterised by a form of social organisation known as "feudalism." This was a complex system of rights and obligations, under which land wa

How was European feudal society structured?

The feudal system is a political system that was prevalent in  Europe in between the eighth and fourteenth centuries. Most of the  agricultural society was largely supported