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What is the main political characteristics of Japanese feudalism?

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What were the basic characteristics of European feudalism?

Well basically there is only one that I know of right now..... If you don't trust me to bad for you! I am in a honors social studies class and i am the smartest out of everyon

What class was highest in Japanese feudalism?

The clan leaders (daimyos) were the highest class other than the Imperial family.

What was the Structure of Japanese feudal society?

The structure of Japanese feudal society is as follows:    1. Emperor.   2. Shogun and daimyo.   3. Samurai warriors.   4. Peasants and artisans.   5. M

What did the Japanese feudal system consist of?

The Japanese feudal system mainly consisted of the ,Emperor , shogan , diamyo , samurias , peasants , artisians and merchants . the merchants were considered the last social g

What are characteristics of medieval European feudalism?

The medieval period is Europe was characterised by a form of social organisation known as "feudalism." This was a complex system of rights and obligations, under which land wa

What was the hierarchy of the Japanese feudal system?

Society was divided into two classes in Feudal Japan, the nobility  and the peasants. The noble class made up roughly twelve percent of  the population with peasants making