What is the main product Europeans wished to get from Asia by trade?

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Why was trade with Asia so important to Europeans?

It was so important that they did it for they can get the things they needed to get help from other people like native Americans and other cultures around us that we don't kno

Why did Europeans want to trade with Asia?

When European countries were imperialistic, they made money by trading industry and capital with their colonies for raw goods. In Asia, there was a huge amount of people, and

What did the europeans want with the trade of Asia?

you mean 16th century? mainly spices. These were needed as preservatives ,medicines etc. Spices included items from medicines to types of wood. Mostly natural tropical product
In Asia

Why was it easy for the Europeans to trade with Asia?

There were some historical periods when it was really not that easy for Europeans to trade with Asia, but it was at least possible to do so, because of trade routes which went