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Who makes more money Hannah Montana or nick?

Since Nick Jonas is part of the Jonas Brothers, and you are wondering if Only nick makes more money. Since Hannah Montana Has been going on longer and she has sold out shows movies interviews, Hannah Montana makes more money.

Did Miley Cyrus make out with Nick Jonas?

yes nick did makeout with Miley Cyrus Because she's pregnant, and he's the father. Can you believe it almost everyone I know thinks that, that Joe would do something like that. Everyone thinks this relationship isn't going to work out.From rabeca berkirwits Portland Oregon

How much money does Nick Cannon make?

Nick Cannon, the actor and television personality, is worthapproximately $20 million. He is reported to have a $75,000performance fee.

Who is Rowan Atkinson?

Rowan Atkinson is a British comedian, well known for roles such as Mr Bean, Blackadder and, more recently, Johnny English. Born on 6 January 1955, in Consett, County Durham, England, he was educated at Durham Choristers School, followed by St Bees School, before going on t study electrical engineeri ( Full Answer )

Does Nick Jonas like to make jokes?

Yes, he does, and he's good at them. He's a very quick-witted person, according to his brothers. They also said that he doesn't talk much, but when he does, a lot of what he says is funny.

How much does nick cannon make?

nick cannon makes aprox 95.000 a year, just around the same type of money as an rn nurse, he jus has good credit that's y he could afford those cars he b driving. the ring he got is wife was on lay away since he was 12. all the money he made in the few movies he did, he lost it all on a bet in vagas ( Full Answer )

What makes Nick Jonas attractive?

Many people say Nick Jonas is only attractive because of his voice and the fact he is in a band. But he is also attractive physically.

Did nick Jonas make his own album?

yes he did when he was 13 going 14 i believe. he made a song called " dear god ". you can look it up on youtube if you like. his CD was only him singing then his brothers got in the singing buisiness, then the Jonas brothers happened. his CD is about religious things. - Mandy

Did Selena Gomez and Nick Jonas make out?

Yes they did and also went a little farther than that too as I read in a magazine once. Here is it copied and pasted from a really juicy gossip site I read. In California, Florida paparazzi told me he had seen Nelena at a local record place. He said he had seen them just kissing a bit, but then ( Full Answer )

How do you make Nick Jonas interested in you?

Serious?!. In case you are, lots of people like Popstars in their youth & have celebrity crushes, sooner or later you realise it's just a fantasy and not gonna happen and learn to get over it. There's nothing wrong in having celebrity crushes (after all they're painted and marketed to be beautiful ( Full Answer )

How do you make a Nick Jonas costume?

Loslz.Funny.Whom Eveer Whaant Toh Drees Up Likee Himm.Buut Ittsz Eaasy.Juust Maake Youur Haairly Reaaly Curly In A Cuute Waay Theen Just Wear Likee Tight Hot Punk Rock Clothesz.Juust Like Thee Ones The Jonas Brothersz Weaaar.Buut Nobody Caan Look As Hott As My Bby Nickk.

What is the Rowan center?

The Rowan Centre is a mental health clinic for adolescents. It's a counselling service funded by the NHS in Morayshire.

What is rowan wood?

Rowan wood is wood from the rowan tree. The wood is usually usedfor walking sticks and rake spikes because it is dense and sturdy.

Does Nick Jonas make too big of a deal about his diabetes?

\n. \nYes! He makes too much of a deal abot diabetes!!!\n. \n. \nYes! I am a big fan of a tiwanese band called fahrenheit. It has 4 members, and 3 of them have been through really hard experiences. One guy got injured filming a music video and had to be in the hospital and miss a big tour. Plus, ( Full Answer )

Where is rowan dairy?

The Rowan Dairy I knew and remembered was in Salisbury, NC. It was an ice cream parlour with stools for patrons to sit, with counters in front to display all the flavours of ice cream. There was a huge room to the side for mainly the use of birthday parties.. My brother worked there during his high ( Full Answer )

What makes Joe Nick Jonas cry?

Those who went to concerts on the burning up tour would have seen that Nicholas Jonas had cried while preforming the song "A Little bit Longer". And at many concerts, Joe and Kevin were crying as well.. Since "A Little Bit Longer" is about Nick and his problems with Diabetes, one would assume that ( Full Answer )

What is Rowan Oak?

Rowan Oak is William Faulkner's former home in Oxford, Mississippi. Rowan Oak was declared a National Historic Landmark in 1968.

What makes girls attracted to Nick Jonas?

Nick is different from Kevin and Joe. Unlike them he seems more sensative,romantic, and centered. Even sometimes shyness seems sweeter, than over eccessive impulssive behavior ( NOT to say Joe and Kevin are) . He seems like a well round person with a nice atitude and handsome looks. Nick is great ( Full Answer )

Make your own nick trump card?

go to nick.co.uk/bootleg, then click on the competition thing. On the right side of the entry form there should be a link to create your own card.. P.S. It sucks anyway

Did Nick Jonas make a song for miley cyus?

He wrote the song Sorry that is on their A Little Bit Longer CD for Miley. Also the song Before The Storm which is on their Lines, Vines , and Trying Times CD Nick, Miley , Joe and Kevin wrote that song about Nick and Miley 's relationship . Nick and Miley sing it on the Lines, Vines and Terying Tim ( Full Answer )

What is Rowan Atkinson?

Rowan Atkinson is an English Comedian, best known for his characters "Mr Bean" "Edmund Blackadder" and the 1980's satirical sketch show "Not The Nine O Clock News" He has also featured in several well known movies, such as "Love, Actually" "Four Weddings And A Funeral" and as "Johnny English" a p ( Full Answer )

Scout and Nick Jonas would make a good couple?

Hell yes even though he is 5 years older then her they would make a good couple but she needs to get a meet and greet pass cause they were all smiley when they first met each other and he even want her # im friends with her but her sis broke her phone and that really sucked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why did Nick Jonas make the administration?

Nick wanted to do a side project, so he created his own band. It's something he has been wanting to do for awhile. The administration is like the , which Nick is always talking about how he will run for president one day. I hope so!!

How do you make club points at nick?

It's really quite simple. You just go and play games but if your wondering what games to play don't ask me because I have no idea.

How do you make l4d2 nick costume?

all you need is a plain white dress shirt,white dress pants and a golf t-shirt(blue or dark blue),lastly get a toy gun and mini flash light.tape them together and spray them black and you should be done.

Is Nick going to keep making The Legend of Korra?

Yes, there are going to be 4 seasons and a total of 52 episodes.Season 4 will be the last season of The Legend of Korra, which willprobably premiere sometime in 2015.