What is the maximum directly addressable memory capacity of 32 bit microprocessor?

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Assuming your memory card slot(s) permit, 2 to the power of 32 = 4294967296

which is apprx 4 GB
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What is the maximum memory address space that the processor can access directly if it is connected to a 16 bit memory considering a hypothetical microprocessor generating a 16-bit address?

If you assume that it has a 16-bit data bus, then it would be 128k so the microprocessor can access 2^16 points, which is 64k (from it being a 16bit address) 16bits = 2

What is the maximum memory capacity that can be connected to a microprocessor data bus with 16 lines and the address bus has 20 lines?

You can address 2^20 (or 1,048,576) locations. Each location will consist of 16 bits (1 or 0) which is commonly called a Word (though that isn't always the case). I think wha

What is the maximum addressable memory capacity?

It depends on the processor and the operating system. . In the 8086/8088, with a 20 bit address bus, you can address 1,048,576 bytes of memory. . In the 8085, with a 16 bi