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What does the Titanic mean?

The name Titanic means enormous, overpowering and awesomely mighty. It originates from the Titans, a legendary race of giants who were said to have battled with the Gods of an (MORE)

Meaning of Titanic?

\nTitanic come from the Titans, a Greek mythology. The Titans were a race of powerful deities that ruled during the legendary Golden Age. Their role as Elder Gods was overthro (MORE)

What does 'titan' mean?

The Titans are early Greek personifications of elementary forces, pictured as the parents of the Gods. A titan is a great and powerful or influential person, especially in the (MORE)
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What did Titanic mean?

well the titanic was very precouis o the world because it is the biggest ship in the world and it sank the first time it set sail how to think all them 2300 lost there ives ca (MORE)
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Does Titanic mean ship?

No, Titanic means massive, as it was the biggest ship in the world  at its time
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What is titan means in Greek Mythology?

Titans are the rulers (generation) before the Olympians, off spring of Gaea and Ouranus (Uranus)Cronus-KingRhea- Cronus's Wife Their kidsHestiaHadesPoseidonZeusHeraDemeterCoeu (MORE)