What does a rat mean?

Usually a rat means someone who is very sneaky and does illegal acts. For instance, someone who steals without anyone knowing would be considered a rat.

What do horses and cemeteries mean?

Horses and Cemeteries is a car-game played by two or more passengers. When you see a horse, be the first to say, "horses" to lay claim to the horse or horses that are in that (MORE)

What does it mean when you dream of rats?

that you have too many Friends Answer: Different sorts of dreams about rats can have very differentmeanings. Isolated from other factors and the emotional tone of thedream, (MORE)

What does it mean if you dream about cemetery?

The cemetery in this dream is a metaphor referring to something in the dreamer's life that has ended. It could be as simple as the end of the school term or a broken relations (MORE)