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Logo of uco bank?

The logo of UCO bank is two hands encircled a point, or we can say its the symbol of protecting ones trust with two hands and the fists are also enclosed within a box shaped f (MORE)

What does logo of Syndicate Bank say?

The syndicate bank logo is "Friendly Faithfully" - with the symbol of a dog. They basically want to emphasis on the fact the bank is trust worthy and a friend. They are trying (MORE)

What is the Meaning of canara bank logo?

The new brand identity for Canara Bank is based on the idea of a bond and is a representation of the close ties between the Bank and its many stakeholders - from customers and (MORE)

What is a description of the Chase Bank logo?

The Chase Bank logo is a stylized blue octagon, which is supposed to represent the water pipes made by the Manhattan Company. The Manhattan Company was founded by Aaron Burr (MORE)