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What does selectively permeable mean?

Selectively permeable describes a cell membrane that allows  certain ions or molecules to pass through it by means of passive or  active transport.

What does the term selectively permeable mean?

If you break down the two words, selective means to only pick certain things, and permeable means to let pass through. When you talk about something being "selectively perme

What does selective permeability mean?

Selective permeability relates to the properties of a membrane. It allows the passage of some substances and not others. Theoretically, it can be thought of as a sheet with ho

What does it mean if a cell is selectively permeable?

In biology, a selective permeable cell means the cell only allows certain molecules to pass through. This concept was first introduced to understand the process of osmosis, wh

What does it mean when a membrane is called selectively permeable?

Look at the words - "selective" and "permeable".   What does 'selective' mean? You select what to eat - an apple or an orange; you select where to sleep - the bed or the f
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What is the meaning of selectively permeable?

Selective permeability refers to the function of plasma membranesthat is needed to maintain homeostasis in a cell and preventforiegn substances from entering through the cells
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What is meaning of the selective permeability?

The cell membrane has selective permeability, which means it is  able to control which molecules cross it. The cell membrane is  flexible and porous, rather than a sold stru