What is the medication for 10 months baby who has rashes over her face and at the back of her head?

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Would 2 small knots on the back of a 10-month-old's head be cause for alarm?

\n. \n Answer \n. \n. \nIf the knots are at the base of the back of his skull on his neck they are lymph nodes and are possibly swollen due to some type of infection. Either way, you need to take him to a pediatrician immediately.\n. \n Another point of view =\n. \nOccipital nodes are the l (MORE)

You are a single mother your ex wants to take you to court to get joint custody over your 10 month old baby but he hasn't been in his life what can you do to prevent this?

Answer . \nBring this to the attention of the court. If the man wasn't in his life the first ten months and had the ability to, then is he really going to be a good father? But then it's joint custody and that shows that he wants to be a part of the childs life so it might go either way. You (MORE)

You had a termination at 10 weeks this was done two months ago and after it you felt okay but over the last couple of days your longing for a baby has grown increasingly strong why do i feel like this?

it's absolutely normal to feel that . \nAnytime someone has an unexpected pregnancy, you can feel sad about it afterwards whether you keep it or not...\n. \nthere is a non-judgemental, after abortion talkline that will NOT guilt you.\n. \nEXHALE\n1-866-4 EXHALE\nMonday – Friday:\n5 p.m. â (MORE)

I have a 10 day old baby. He has developed a rash. I am breast feeding. What could be the cause of the rash?

Sometimes babies get a "milk rash" on their faces/neck. All 5 of my kids had it at one time or another. Twice a day take a cotton ball with warm water and clean the face and neck area. It should clear in a few days. Be very gentle and don't rub. Pat dry with more cotton balls. Also, if it is a diape (MORE)

What is the circular rash on your baby back?

This could be the cause if the baby is wearing "tagless" clothes (ex. instead of the material strip sewn into the seam, there is ink label imprinted directly on the material and usually in the back). We discovered our baby began having a redness at 6 weeks, which turned into a big open sore that she (MORE)

Can neuropathy affect your back face and head?

I do not know how your doctors are, but our doctors in IRAN do their best for evaluation of the patient. neuropathy usually afflicts abdomen and back lastly and usually if afect foot and hands you must do EMG and NCV to study what kind of neuropathy you have. Yes it certainly can. Many ignoran (MORE)

What causes sudden burning and itching red rash on wrists that moves up the arms and to the ear canal clavicle face and head with fever?

This red and itching rash may be due to an ingested allergen...such as food or drug. If you have never been tested for food allergies, it is recommended that you do so. Celiac (destruction of the intestines due to allergy to gluten: especially wheat gluten) disease is hard to diagnose but I have see (MORE)

How do you get rid of a face rash?

you cant necessarily get rid of it but it helps by putting lotion on it and keeping it clean and it will gradually get better. hope i helped:)

Medical term for soft spot on babys head?

The membranes that link the two sides of a baby's cranium is calledthe fontanelle. The elasticity of the membrane allows for thebaby's growth over the first nine to eighteen months of life.

Broke up with my bf when angry 1 month ago. Tried to get him back a few days later he was furious said he would never take me back get over it. Now have a new bf and my ex called him a fag to his face?

Help. I broke up with my bf in a fit of anger and told him that this other guy would treat me better. I asked him back 3 days later and he said he would never take me back and to get over him. 3 days after that I wrote him a letter and agreed with him. I have seen him at least 4 days a week eith (MORE)

Can an STD cause a rash on your face?

Very rarely they can. It depends on the sexual activities you have engaged in. However it is not common. It is best to consult a Dermatologist. Regards Dr.Ratnam Attili Consultant Dermatologist www.onlineskinspecialist.com

Can yogurt cause rash to 13 month baby?

I'm not positive, but my 9 month old ate some whip cream the other day and threw up. I gave him regular yogurt and he threw again. I started feeding him baby yogurt and he seemed fine, but two days later he has a rash all over his upper body. I think that's from the dairy. It doesn't seem to bother (MORE)

How do you get the foreskin back over your head once you have pulled it back?

When you pull back your foreskin you normally have an erection and when the penis goes flaccid the foreskin will slip back into it's original position nothing to worry about Just grab a hold of the head of your penis in your fist and gently squeeze it, this Will force some of the blood that is exp (MORE)

Why does my face get a rash after you put face products on?

Many skincare products can cause some irritation to the skin, especially if they are acidic. Applying too much of a certain product can sometimes cause a rash. Be sure to read the instructions that come with your skincare product and apply the product according to those instructions. The instructio (MORE)

Can you get a rash from flu medications?

One of the serious side effects to Tamiflu is skin reactions. Stevens-Johnson Syndrome, erythema multiforme and toxic epidermal necrolysis have all been reported in patients taking Tamiflu.

How many words should a baby know by 10 months?

Well it depends on the baby's level of maturity and when the baby was born. for example, some premature babies develop motor skills later on. But the average baby may be able to say simple words such as "momma" and "daddy". If you want your child to refine his/her motor skills, try talking to your c (MORE)