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What is the moral lesson of the man and the coconut?

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Moral lesson of the day after tomorow?

Take one day at a time.

What is the moral lesson in Silas Marner?

We cannot base our happiness on only material  things but also with the relationship with other people so that we  will know true happiness. No matter how deep you bury your

Moral lesson of the Beauty and the Beast?

Outside appearance doesn't matter and don't be self absorbed. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. The beast not outside but inside; however charming someone may seem to b

What is the moral lesson of the gingerbread man story?

The spiritual lesson is that we can run from alot of things...but  sooner or later we will get caught. Sometimes we have a gingerbread  man mentality thinking that we are to

What is a moral lesson?

Moral Lesson stands for what you have learned and what you have encountered right. Moral lessons are things that you learn through literature. Considering you are reading Snow

What is the moral lesson of Lord of the Rings?

I read the books a long time ago, but the main moral I believe is that one should live life making sure greed does not consume it. The race of men is cast as the greedy, decei

The moral lesson of call of the wild?

1 -The moral of the novel concerns the human connection to the primal aspects of nature and ways in which our connection to civilization has interfered with that important con

What is the moral lesson of the legend of coconut tree?

The Legend of the Coconut Tree is Philippine and it tells the story  of the first coconut tree and its fruit.

The old man and the sea moral lesson?

The old Man and the Sea is not the only strugle of santiago but the struggle of gthe each human beings of the world. we face the struggle in our deaily life as the santiago fa
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What is the moral lesson of Ip man film?

this is open to interpretation but from what i interpreted: 1) martial arts should not be used as power to get your own way 2) martial arts is not meant to be used to hurt oth