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What is the moral lesson of the man and the coconut?

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What is a moral lesson?

Moral Lesson stands for what you have learned and what you have encountered right. Moral lessons are things that you learn through literature. Considering you are reading Snow

Is a moral a lesson?

A moral is a belief or guidance which appeals to the good in you. So yes a moral can be a lesson E.g "the moral of the story" is a guidance to what can be right.

The old man and the sea moral lesson?

The old Man and the Sea is not the only strugle of santiago but the struggle of gthe each human beings of the world. we face the struggle in our deaily life as the santiago fa

What is the moral lesson of Ip man film?

this is open to interpretation but from what i interpreted: 1) martial arts should not be used as power to get your own way 2) martial arts is not meant to be used to hurt oth

Is moral a lesson?

Yes, as a noun, moral means ethics or a lesson. As an adjective, moral means ethical or virtuous.

What is the moral lesson of the movie The Perfume?

The moral is that people have different means of communication,,  and people see the beauty in different ways, some through their  scent and some through the hair and other

What is the moral lesson of the gingerbread man story?

The spiritual lesson is that we can run from alot of things...but  sooner or later we will get caught. Sometimes we have a gingerbread  man mentality thinking that we are to