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What is the most important pull factor that draws farm families to Mexico cities?

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What month does it rain in Mexico City the most?

Mexico City's rainy season starts from late May and ends up in early October. The rainiest month would be July, with an average of 23 rainy days.

What are family traditions in Mexico City?

From what I've heard one tradition which used to be very popular was the last child no marriage tradition. The last born child was to take care of the mother until the day tha

What was the most important thing about farming?

The most important thing about farming is that people were hunting and gathering for food one day, then the next day they were farmers. This all happened from one small group

Why is Mexico City important?

It is the home city of nearly 20% of the total Mexican population (20 out of 107 million) and accounts for nearly 20% of the Mexican economy (US$315 billion out of US$1,563 bi

What are the most important food in Mexico?

Maize tortillas, avocados and black beans. Mostly because they can be used in combination with many other foods of Mexican and even international origin. For example, you can

What are the most important organizations in Mexico?

You mean international NGOs? Those would be the United Nations and its many branches (UNESCO, WHO, IMF), Greenpeace and the WWF, International Amnesty, OCDE, Interpol, among m

What are the five most important cities in Mexico?

  There are several important cities in Mexico and depending on what your criteria is you will find different answers. However, some of the most important cities in Mexico