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What is the most important pull factor that draws farm families to Mexico cities?

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What are family traditions in Mexico City?

From what I've heard one tradition which used to be very popular was the last child no marriage tradition. The last born child was to take care of the mother until the day tha

What was the most important thing about farming?

The most important thing about farming is that people were hunting and gathering for food one day, then the next day they were farmers. This all happened from one small group

What are the five most important cities in Mexico?

  There are several important cities in Mexico and depending on what your criteria is you will find different answers. However, some of the most important cities in Mexico

What city in Mexico has the most important seaport?

According to some (outdated) resources, either the cities of Acapulco on the Pacific, or Veracruz on the Gulf of Mexico, would qualify as such. Nowadays however, the most imp