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What is the name for the time of year in which earth is farthest from the sun?

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What is the farthest that the Earth can be from the Sun?

The Earth's aphelion - the farthest its present orbit takes it from the Sun - is 152,097,701 kilometres.   The other point, the perihelion - the nearest it gets to the Sun

When is EArth the farthest from the sun?

The condition is called apehelion. This is during winter solstice  when the areas inside the arctic circle experiences 24 hours of  darkness and the antarctic circle experie

What day is the earth farthest from the sun?

It is called aphelion, and it happens during summer in the northern hemisphere. It happens on or near July 4. It is close to, but not coincident with the summer solstice.
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Is the sun the farthest star from earth?

No, the sun is actually the closest star to Earth. It is the only star in our solar system as well. All the other stars are from 4.2 light years away to about 100,000 light ye