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What is the name of British bat and ball game?

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Do you have to name your pocket in a 15 ball game of pool?

Yes, if you are playing BCA 8 Ball rules. No, if you are playing APA 8 Ball rules, except the 8 Ball which must be called. Yes. If you are playing Straight Pool. Maybe. If yo

What was the name of the ball game the Mayans played?

I don't think we know it's original name, but there is a modern  version some indigenous people still play called Ulama. But for the  ancient version, we just call it the ma

If a batted ball hits the batter is he out?

If the ball hits the batter in fair territory, the batter is ruled out. If the ball hits the batter in foul territory or the batter's box, the call is a foul ball.

What is a CB1 cork ball bat?

The Cb1 was a Corkball bat manufactured by Hillerich and bradsby for the most part, the Saint Louis market. It was made between the 30s and early 60s, for a game called Corkba

What was the name of the ball game that the Mayans played?

  The crucial thing when working with the Maya ballgame is to remember that the Maya played two main kinds of game: handball and "big ball". Their "big ball" game had two