What is the name of a plant with a small yellow five petal star shaped flowers with one yellow leaf beneath the flowers?

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Are there any one petal flowers?

yes . A Ligulate ===. (Asteraceae) an example would be the Cosmos bipinnatus. . The flower has one large, long, thin petal. It is from the Aster/Daisy Family . They look like single petals but are actually individual flowers, each producing its own seed. Also: I like calli lillies, not c ( Full Answer )

What is the scientific name of yellow bell flower?

Yellow Bell Flower . There are at least two types of plants commonly called by this name. See the web links to the left to decide which one you need. There is also a variety of apple called 'Yellow Bellflower.'

What does a yellow elder flower mean?

The Yellow Elder is the national flower of the Bahamas and the US Virgin Islands. It blooms from October to December on trees that may grow up to twent feet in height. They are clusters of brilliant yellow bell-shaped blossoms.

Why are small petals and sepals an advantage to flowers?

because then they will fall off more easily in the wind and be able to pollinate and grow more flowers. because then they will fall off more easily in the wind and be able to pollinate and grow more flowers

Is a yellow flower seedless?

Unlikely. Any flower will be seedless until it is pollinated then thereproduction cycle starts ending in seed production.

What plant has yellow buttercup like flowers flat shiny smooth heart shaped leaves and tuberous roots blooms in the early spring?

could. Could this be it? I found this at http://www.nearctica.com/flowers/ranunc/Rficar.htm. only thing is, i count 9 petals on mine... ~from Brenna. Color Photograph: Copyright Nearctica.com, Inc. Line Drawing: Britton, N.L., and A. Brown. 1913. An Illustrated Flora of the Northern United State ( Full Answer )

Is a yellow bell a complete flower?

A yellow bell is considered a complete flower. It contains all ofthe reproductive parts like the pistils, sepals, stamens, etc.

What are facts about the Perennial yellow flower?

There are a few yellow perennials tulips, daffodils, and mums. In colder climates, you should buy garden mums not the ones you buy at a supermarket. If you buy the mums that supermarkets sell, you must put them in the ground before July 15, cut back, and mulch well over the winter.. Day lilies come ( Full Answer )

Yellow bell flower?

it's a flower that is shape as a bell not included it petals and it's yellow in color grows more in tropical countries that are vigourous of sunlight.

Scientific name of yellow bell flower?

The scientific name of yellow bell flower or the golden trumpet isAllamanda. Its scientific name was recognized from Frédéric-LouisAllamand, a swiss botanist.

Names for yellow flowers?

Sure can! Here is a partial list of yellow flowers: . lilies . gerbera daisies . shasta daisies . gazanias . million bells . strawflower . osteospermum . tulips . gladiolas . snapdragons . daffodils .

How does the yellow flower turn into a tomato?

The flower becomes a tomato, because of pollination, and because of the proper environmental conditions for fruit to set. These conditions include air/soil temperature ranges, and soil moisture and nutrient levels. For example, night-time air temperatures may range between 60-70 degrees F, day-time ( Full Answer )

What is a yellow tundra flower?

It is a flower in the Tundra! It is a yellow flower! It is a flower that saves food for the winter. It stores extra food for later. It is like all the other plants that uses the sun for energy and uses photosynthesis to make food and give out oxygen, but when winter comes it stores the energy it n ( Full Answer )

What tree has yellow bell flowers?

A native tree of New Zealand that has pendulous (they hang below the branch) yellow flowers is the Kowhai or Sophora.

What trumpet shaped flower is yellow and has spiky ball with seeds?

I don't think it is a Datura. I have Datura's.. .as does my neighbor. However, I too have a plant that has random almost trumpet shaped flowers that are a pretty yellow and produce spiky round balls. My gardener suggested sweet gum, but I am not sure. I found this post looking for the same online. ( Full Answer )

Is a yellow flower seeded or seedless?

umm now how do people grow plants by seeds don't they.... so obtusely there is a seed in it so it can grow again a Little like a food chain

Do yellow flowers have seeds?

Yellow flowers do have seeds. The marigold is an example of ayellow flower that has seeds. If you save the flower head at theend of blooming, you will have seeds for next year.

Why do dandelions have yellow flowers?

Dandelions have yellow petals but are asexual plants; they use wind dispersal in order to spread their seeds away from the parent plant. They have clearly been sexual plants at a point in their history, but have changed to become asexual and continue to pass on the genes coding for their colourful c ( Full Answer )

Name of a bright yellow flower in a cow pasture?

One possibility would be the Buttercup, an herb from the genus Ranunculus. Another possibility would be the Catsear ( Hypochaeris radicata , or false dandelions), Hawkweeds ( Hieracium ), Hawksbeards ( Crepis ), and Dandelions ( Taraxacum ), to name a few.

Yellow fungus in flower beds?

there is a common slime mold that inhabits gardens called dog vomit fungus There is also a yellow mushroom common to mulch called Leucoprinus birnbaumii (formerly known as Lepiota lutea ). One of it's common names is the yellow houseplant mushroom.

What is the name of a star shaped garden flower?

They can be one of the following as they are all star-shaped flowers: . Aster . Baby's Breath (Gypsophilia) . Broom . Chinese Lantern . Dogwood . Geranium . Jasmine . Magnolia . Orange blossom . Wax flower

When is it appropropriate to send a yellow flower?

Yellow flowers mean friendship, joy, or happiness. You could sendyellow roses to a friend for his or her birthday. You could sendyellow flowers to someone graduating from college or to someone whojust had a baby.

What plant has yellow flowers and green fuzzy leaves?

Actually, this description is quite insufficient. There are several plants that match this description, and some of them might be belonging to Echeveria or Eucomis families. Another possible candidates are the Zebra plant or Peruvian Lily.

What is the range of the Yellow Moccassin Flower?

Both sides of the Mississippi River is the range of the Yellow Moccassin Flower ( Cypripedium calceolus ). Specifically, the wild orchid ranges as far northeastward as Maine. It may be found growing as far southeastward as Georgia. It is found growing as far westward as from Texas up to North Da ( Full Answer )

What plants that have yellow flowers?

Daffodils, dandelions, buttercups, tulips, lilies; in fact many flowers. I have often wondered why so many yellow flowered plants blossom at the same time, and the same with other colours.

Is yellow flower is the sign of love?

A yellow flower is the sign of love in America but in some places it may be a flower of death. ^ this answer scares me

What are yellow flowers form bulb?

I have a yellow crinum. I you want a flower comes back year after year get some Crinum. All good answers

What is a name of a yellow flower?

Yellow flowers include: . Sunflower . evening primrose . Black-eyed Susan . some varieties of Daylily . Coreopsis . Yarrow . Goldenrod . Daffodil . Yellow Iris

What does yellow flowers mean to people?

Yellow is associated with gold, and is considered a symbol of purity , clarity truth and intellect. Mayans viewed the color in yellow to be associated corn, thus it holds symbolism of provision , sustenance, and all things that are wholesome. Scientific studies indicate writing on yellow table ( Full Answer )

What is a small white flower with a yellow center?

It is a small white flower with a yellow centre of course.. The most common I can think of is a Daisy. There are a number of 'Daisies' but Bellis perennis (Binomial name) is what you would expect to see in places such as grassy areas.