What is the name of an anime that was on Cartoon Network a while ago This is what I remember from it A girl and a witch put a spell on her so that she would be old She kept changing her age?

Sounds like " Howl's Moving Castle " : . " Plot Summary: A plain young hatter named Sophie has her life changed when an evil witch transforms her into an old woman. Unable t (MORE)

What is the name of the old nickelodean cartoon series with a preteen girl with red curly hair?

I am not sure if I am correct,because you havent told me very much about it,but as far as I can remember,there are two shows that you may be talking about. One of them was cal (MORE)
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What are names of anime girls with pink hair?

Miyuki Takara (Lucky Star), Lacus Clyne, and Lunamaria ( Gundam seed), Yachiru (Bleach), Yuno Gasai (Mirai Nikki), Sakura (Naruto), Lucy (Elfen Lied), Ichigo (Tokyo Mew Mew), (MORE)