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What is the name of father pig called?

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Does the father guinea pig eat the babies?

The father guinea pig doesn't eat the babies, and neither does the mother. But always separate the father BEFORE the mother gives birth as she can become pregnant immediately

Why is pig iron called pig iron?

Definition of Pig Iron: The term was derived from the method of casting the bars of iron in depressions or moulds formed in the sand floor adjacent to a furnace. These were co

Why do they call a baby pig a fetal pig?

Fetal pigs is the name of pigs that haven't been born yet. They were taken from their mother as fetuses -- thus, fetal pigs. Baby pigs that have been born are called piglets.

Why is pig Latin called pig Latin?

"Pig-Latin" is also known as "dog-Latin." The animal reference is dismissive, and any animal would do. It might as well be "horse-Latin" or "cow-Latin."    Another view:

What is the name of a father pig?

Boar = Uncastrated male pig  * Hog = Castrated male pig  * Sow = Female adult pig  * Shoat = Piglet after weaning