Famous sports figures in 1990?

One famous sports figure in 1990 was Derrick Thomas, who was withthe Kansas City Chiefs. Another famous sports figure was DaleEarnhardt, who was the NASCAR Champion.
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Famous sports figure from Spain?

There are several famous sports figures that are from Spain. A fewof the most famous are Jorge Lorenzo, Fernando Alonso, and PauGasol.
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Who are famous sport figures in Scotland?

In scotland, thee famous sport figures r thee wee potatoes, they just look so good in those little kilts, and there so good at there scotish dancing - they role around and the (MORE)

Who were the famous sports figures in 1998?

The most famous is probably Michael Jordan who led the Chicago Bulls to win the NBA Finals. He was the MVP of the series as well. As for the NFL, wide receiver Randy Moss made (MORE)