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What is the name of the astronomer who learned how to study space with a telescope?

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Astronomers can learn about bodies in space by studying the patterns formed from?

the light rays that are 'bent'[refracted] as they pass through a prism, and then focused upon the receiving 'tray' that contains the film that is processed to form Spectrograp

Why do astronomers put telescopes in space?

The Earth's atmosphere is about 120 miles thick and anything we see from the surface of the Earth is distorted by the water vapor and debris that is in the air. If you are in

What do astronomers study to learn about stars?

All that we know about stars is researched by studying the light they emit and their motions in relation to other stars. And the courses they take to do this is Physics, Mathe

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Why do astronomers send telescopes and probes into space?

Telescopes: Many, many times more effective in space because they are not trying to see through earths atmosphere. This is a tremendous advantage. Probes: Well designed and