What is the name of the second largest city in France?

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This is a question of continuous debate in France between the residents of Marseilles and Lyon, as depending on one's frame of reference, either could be counted "largest."
If one counts the actual central city population, Marseilles is larger, at just over 800,000, compared with Lyon's 400,000.
However, if one counts the greater metropolitan area, Lyon tops the list, at 1,600,000, versus Marseilles, with 1,500,000.
Most lists count Marseilles, with its larger core population, as the "true" second largest city in France, but the citizens of Lyon continue to disagree.
The second largest town (within its administrative boundaries, not as an urban area) in France is Marseille: 839,043 people as to the 30 dec. 2008.
Lyon is the second largest metropolitan area of France and situated on the confluence of the rivers Saône and Rhône Marseilles is the second largest city in France, but part of the third largest metropolitan area of France.
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