What is a digital device?

A device that represents information using the positional convention building on the binary digits 0 or 1. The underlying representation is based on two states where one state (MORE)

What is a digital devices?

Digital devises means some common items which are working from electronic technology. It is things like a Mobile phone, Kindle, Wii, X-Box, Camera.

Is digital clock a digital device?

1. Generally speaking, a digital clock is a digital device. The "heart" of any clock is whatever is used as its time base, and with a digital clock, some kind of digital timin (MORE)

What is the difference between an Analog and a Digital device?

Most of the world we experience may be described as "analog." If we roll a ball across a table, the ball smoothly passes every point in its path. When we watch a sunset we exp (MORE)

What is a specialized entertainment device that is specifically designed to retrieve digital media from computers or storage devices on a network and display them on televisions or home theater system?

A digital multimedia receiver (DMR) or digital media adapter (DMA) is a home entertainment device that can connect to a home network to retrieve digital media files (such as m (MORE)