What is the normal measurement of a cervix during pregnancy?

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Is salivating normal during pregnancy?

From what I've read, it's pretty normal. Your body is in overdrive at this point and you have more of everything. It's very annoying and I have found I tend to 'over salivate' at very inconvenient moments. I mostly notice it when I am bending or looking down. (thanks, gravity!) Luckily, I have a hus (MORE)

Is fatigue during pregnancy normal?

Along with morning (read: all-day) sickness, most pregnant women experience fatigue in early pregnancy which may be extreme. This is normal as your body adjusts to being pregnant! If you can barely get up in the morning, and never get any housework done during your first trimester, fret not! This sh (MORE)

Is acne normal during pregnancy?

Pregnancy can trigger acne or make existing adult acne worse. (On the other hand, some women with acne-prone skin report a decrease in breakouts during pregnancy, so you never know.) Higher levels of hormones called androgens are at least partly responsible for pregnancy breakouts because they can p (MORE)

Is spotting during pregnancy normal?

Spotting During Pregnancy Here are opinions and stories from some contributors: . Please note that if spotting does occur, it could sometimes bea miscarriage but also is a common thing during early pregnancy.The best advice is to call the doctor. If it is a miscarriage,there is nothing that can be (MORE)

Is a soft high cervix normal in early pregnancy?

Your cervix can change daily when pregnant or not. It can evenchange height and position if you are constipated or just relievedyourself. If concerned while pregnant speak with your doc, otherthan that you can learn your cervical pattern but charting andchecking daily at the same time and same posit (MORE)

Is it normal to not have tender breasts during pregnancy?

I'm seventeen weeks into my fourth pregnancy and this is the first time that I've experienced tender breasts. After three, I thought I was a pro and knew exactly what to expect. But I'm still getting surprises! It's true that every pregnancy is different. early on in the pregnancy they will get tend (MORE)

Is it normal to have cramps during pregnancy?

Answer . It would probably depend on far long you are. It usually isn't a problem unless there is spotting or bleeding. It was explained to me that most of the cramping is from the uterus growing and expanding. But I would talk this over with your doctor.. Answer . Personally my pregnancy (MORE)

Are hot flashes normal during pregnancy?

A lot of my friends including myself had hot flashes as well as cold flashes duiring pregnancy. I would say it is normal. You're body is going through a lot of hormone changes. The change in the hormone levels is what causes these flashes. If it helps at night use a fan and try a cool shower before (MORE)

Does your cervix move during pregnancy?

Answer . No. It becomes high and hard.. Answer . \nTowards the end of pregnancy it may appear to move backwards as the baby's head comes down in front of it. But as you get ready for labor it will soften and flatten and start to open (Effacement and dilation)

Is discharge during early pregnancy normal?

Answer . \nYES\n. \nYou have lots of new hormones surging round your body and they increase the blood flow to the uterus and vagina which increases the discharge from the vagina.\n. \nThis increased discharge should be clear and not itchy or smelly. If it is you may have an infection so should (MORE)

When does the cervix close during pregnancy?

\n. \n Answer \n. \n. \nThe cervix is always closed, it only starts opening towards the end of pregnancy just befor you go into labor.\n. \nThe mucus plug forms somewhere between 8 and 12 weeks.\n. \n. \n. \nThat completely is not true. The cervix is always open, only a tiny bit, or else (MORE)

Is it normal to black out during your pregnancy?

Answer . It's not uncommon to feel lightheaded or dizzy occasionally. When you're pregnant, your cardiovascular system undergoes dramatic changes: Your heart rate goes up, your heart pumps more blood per minute, and the amount of blood in your body expands by 40 to 45 percent.\n. \nDuring a nor (MORE)

Cervix in pregnancy?

the cervix is the upper part of the vagina/lower part of the uterus. during the latent phase of labor, the cervix begins dilating. (opening). then the contractions of the uterus intensify and push the fetus past the cervix and out through the vagina

Is blood in the feces normal during pregnancy?

Blood in stool is never normal...Unless it is not in the stool. If the blood is bright red, it could be you are straining to defecate (have a BM) or you could be constipated. Many women get constipated during pregnancy from the iron in pre-natal vitamins, because they don't have enough fib (MORE)

What is normal heart rate during pregnancy?

The heart rate during pregnancy is a little higher than the normal heart rate. In general, the heart rate of a women is 70 beats per minute but during pregnancy the heart rate goes around 85-90 beats per minute. In the last trimester of your pregnancy, there is a chance of an increase of 10-20 beats (MORE)

What are the risks during pregnancy if you have a low cervix and tilted uterus?

Well, I know that one risk is kidney infections if you have a tilted uterus, which is caused when the baby gets big enough, he/she will lay on one side of your uterus only which could block the tube that transfers the urine from your kidneys to your bladder therefore it remains in the kidneys and ba (MORE)

Does walking help thin out your cervix during pregnancy?

How does brisk walking thin out your cevixs?. Because my Doctor said if i walk for an Hour like brisk walking it can thin out my cervixs. I'm 36 wks and 4 days . And i am very Anxious so if anybody knows please give me an answer.

Normal Weight Loss During Pregnancy?

Some women may lose a few pounds ( 4 or 5) in the early weeks when they may have nausea and vomiting but after about 12 weeks this should stop as should the weight loss . If it continues you really should see your doctor.

Is it normal to be depressed during pregnancy?

Yes; because of the constant fluctuation in your hormones it is perfectly normal. Here are some websites I found that can hopefully help you understand your depression during pregnancy and help you learn how to be happy! . http://www.babycenter.com/0_depression-during-pregnancy_9179.bc . http://w (MORE)

How does cervix look during pregnancy?

The cervix sits higher, it becomes thicker and develops a bluish color, very early in pregnancy. It eventually opens so that the baby can proceed through the birthing canal and out of the mother's body.

Are hiccups normal for the baby during pregnancy?

yes. I know many ladies who have experienced baby hiccupping while in the womb. I myself felt it.It is perfectly normal and no need for alarm.. Additional Information: . No real studies have been done on why babies hiccup in the womb, but it is a sign of a maturation of the central nervous syst (MORE)

Is bacterial vaginosis normal during pregnancy?

BV is not normal during pregnancy, but it is common. Bacterial vaginosis is associated with increase risk of premature rupture of the membranes and preterm labor, so treatment is important.

Is it normal to have shaky hands during pregnancy?

It depends. Since your hands can shake from nerves, diabetes, and any number of other things, then yes, under some circumstances, your hands shaking is normal. If you have gestational diabetes, it could be a sign that your blood sugar is getting low. And if not, it could just be nerves. But as with (MORE)

During pregnancy what happens if the placenta forms over the cervix?

I'm no doctor but I'm sure this is placenta previa.... have you been told this is happening to you? my mum had this with my little brother, there are varying degrees of the condition, best case - they keep an eye on you and you carry on as normal, worst case you may have to have a c-section ...... y (MORE)

Is it normal to lose appetite during pregnancy?

Yes. Although it is different for every woman. It is important not to lose weigh though, even if you lose your appetite. If you have a hard time eating, try drinking a meal replacement shake to ensure proper nutrients.

Does your vulva swell during pregnancy is that normal?

I am 5 weeks pregnant now, and yes the vulva, the inside of the vagina, and the cervix can swell, this is due to extra blood flow, you might feel a little more sensitive in that region due to this, this can increase sex-drive, but also put some women off aswell.

When does your cervix open during pregnancy?

id really depends. when the cervix opens, it is called dialating. for example, i was due April 19th. however, march 29th i was dialated to 3 cm. in my case, i had my baby that day because he was "frank breech" so they are to do a c-section. but some girls go weeks being 1-3 cm dialated, it just depe (MORE)

Is craving plastic during pregnancy is normal?

No, it's not. Craving non-food items like plastic is something called pica. If you're having cravings for plastic you need to talk to your doctor so they can monitor you. Pica can become an overwhelming urge and lead to ingesting things that are very harmful for the baby. It is usually an indication (MORE)

Is it normal for bleeding and clotting during pregnancy?

I do not know the answer, but i thought i was pregnant and possibly still am i think but my period was a whole week late and i bled and clotted very heavily for two days and have been spotting for the last three. I would like to know as well. i have been reading other comments and questions that say (MORE)