What is the normal measurement of a cervix during pregnancy?

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Is a soft high cervix normal in early pregnancy?

Your cervix can change daily when pregnant or not. It can evenchange height and position if you are constipated or just relievedyourself. If concerned while pregnant speak wit

Does your cervix move during pregnancy?

Answer . No. It becomes high and hard.. Answer . \nTowards the end of pregnancy it may appear to move backwards as the baby's head comes down in front of it. But as yo

When does the cervix close during pregnancy?

\n. \n Answer \n. \n. \nThe cervix is always closed, it only starts opening towards the end of pregnancy just befor you go into labor.\n. \nThe mucus plug forms somew

How does cervix look during pregnancy?

The cervix sits higher, it becomes thicker and develops a bluish color, very early in pregnancy. It eventually opens so that the baby can proceed through the birthing cana

During pregnancy what happens if the placenta forms over the cervix?

I'm no doctor but I'm sure this is placenta previa.... have you been told this is happening to you? my mum had this with my little brother, there are varying degrees of the co

When does your cervix open during pregnancy?

id really depends. when the cervix opens, it is called dialating. for example, i was due April 19th. however, march 29th i was dialated to 3 cm. in my case, i had my baby that