Why is the India's nuclear deal with US pros and cons Benefits for India?

I went through ur view,,but i found you a person who is motivated by politics.i have some benefits about this deal.. 1.after 40 yrs,when uranium will be consumed totally from (MORE)
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Why should India agree on nuclear deal with America?

We know that energy requirement plays a vital role in ourday-to-day life. India is suffering from heavy power shortage andit has to be dependent upon the conventional sources (MORE)

What are the advantages of the India-Us nuclear deal?

INDIA - US NUCLEAR DEAL - The Benefits. Guest Column by Hari Sud. Ultimately the India - US Nuclear deal has to translate into economics, commerce, trade, development and FD (MORE)

What is Future of India United States nuclear deal?

if India will agree to sing the deal.i think it will create a complex situation because, it will indicate that India will share it's nuclear secrets with US . if India (MORE)

What is the disadvantage of the the US - India nuclear deal?

It's really a political issue, but I would say the fact that India does not have to sign the Non-Proliferation Treaty to get the benefits of civil technology. On the other han (MORE)